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  • First off, I would like to state thatI myself, have a carry permit. I am also a Southerner. I don't claim to be an expert in racial harmony, but I have learned to see things that perhaps other might not pick-up.
    I completely agree that the "race" card has been delt. Mr Martin, was a strapping young man over six (6) feet tall. Even armed, I myself would have been concerned for my welfare seeing someone, such as that coming towards me. Released witness statements state, that Mr. Zimmerman was on the ground, flat on his back. As one witness stated, "the man in the hoodie was standing over the man on the ground, punching him; MMA style."
    Now, I can't speak for the rest of you, but I would have felt as he did, that I might not survive this. The "race" card was delt, when the American Association for the Advancement of Colored People weighed in. The name it self, smacks of racism! Mr Zimmermen is white, therefore, the shooting according to the N.A.A.C.P., had to be racially motivated.
    What a bunch of Hooey!!

    y,"a person of Our race, is in the White House. We CAN'T lose. In the State in which I reside, citizens LEAGALLY have defended themselves and others, 24 times since the first of the year. Even the Police say this action taken by ordinary people, is having a positive impact. Only the Anti-Gun crowd, and the N.A.A.C.P., are denigrating are you saying mustang
  • Selraym Tyjec
    Fri 25th May 2012
    at 4:49am
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  • I think your information concerning Florida's Stand Your Ground Law is inaccurate. Florida and many other States do not require you to run or do other things that could put your life at risk. If you believe that you're life is threatened, you've got the right to stand your ground. Zimmerman had that right if he was not the aggressor and from the evidence, he is innocent. He was defending his life. The average response time for a larger Florida city like Tampa is about 4.5 minutes at it's best. Figure about 10 before police figure out what's going on. How much time does it take one man to beat another to death or cause serious bodily injury. I, for one, support the stand your ground law. I hate hearing that this all could have been avoided had Zimmerman stayed in his car. It' more likely that it could have been avoided had Martin not attacked him. So people, you need to think very clearly about how you feel about this issue. What if you're daughter or elderly mother was in a community and you say someone who looked dangerous or suspicious. I don't know about you but a 10 minute response time from the Police wouldn't work for me either.
  • Ronald Bennett
    Thu 24th May 2012
    at 7:49pm
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  • In the Trayvon Martin shooting , stand your own ground is a factor. The law extends to where ever you have a legal right to be and was afraid of loss of life or greives bodily harm. In Florida you have no duty to retreat in this case.( although it is always a good idea to try ) I like most don't know all the facts of the Zimmerman- Martin case but it wasn't the law that caused this to happen. It was a man being attacked that caused it. Did he act within the law? Well I guess a judge or jury will have to decide.I hope all Florida residents learn from it in a helpful way.
  • Joseph Vanchieri
    Thu 24th May 2012
    at 7:36pm
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