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  • I'm a resident of New York. We have some of the strongest gun laws in the country. In spite of what we watch on all the crime shows, we also have one of the safest cities to live in and Long Island is also rated as one of the safest places to live.

    Your paper arrives in the driveway here every week and I usually peruse the arts section and some of the news . Today I happened to read your opinion column containing a photo of an assault rifle and a sarcastic reference to Diane Feingold's attempts to ban assault weapons, large capacity clips and to require background checks for gun purchases. I see also that you qoute Hayek; you believe in "freedom" and oh yes, you're opposed to taxes.

    Although I'm sure you would say the same of me and "my kind", I have to tell you that I think many of the problems we have in this country today are serious and in large measure, in my opinion thanks to people such as yourself. Should next years Boston Marathon require all participants and viewers to be packing heat so as to defend themselves from a would be terrorist? It would add a bit of weight and perhaps slow down the race a bit but a small price to pay for freedom, right? Your Dystopic vision of what you would have this country and this planet be is frightening.
  • Frank Cirillo
    Thu 25th Apr 2013
    at 11:54am
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