9/11: Your memories


9/11: Your memories


Date: September 7, 2011
by: Observer Staff


We asked you to share your memory of one of the most tragic events in recent U.S. history. Many of you responded with your own personal story of where you were when on that infamous day. Here a few quotes from some of you:

“I opened my sunroof and stood on the car seat to see President Bush and his motorcade coming from Longboat Key on their way to Booker Elementary,” said Andrea Kaine.

“I turned my head to look at the man with his camera, and in doing so, the president's car flew past me,” said Frances Fitzpatrick.

“My principal, in fact, the entire Central Office (superintendent, etc.) were all very sensitive to the fact that there were many volunteer personnel in the district who would be called to duty. I was released from school to report to my fire department,” said Janis Merluzzo.

“Walking to work that [next] day was unlike any other day in my life of 50 years. There were others walking to work, but we all looked at each other and thought the same thing, ‘Why are we doing this?’” said Patti Schimmel.

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  • 1.
  • I was a Longboat Key Firefighter, I came in early on 9-11, drove our laddertruck to the GMD across from the colony and parked. I thought about driving into the colony but thought our Fire chief would reprimand me (I was already on his list). I saw the motorcade come out of the colony, waved at the president. I went back to out station 2, started mopping the floors when I was told about the first plane. When the second plane crashed, I started to wonder if a plane was coming our way, and about to crash into the colony, Air force one or the school.
  • Jeff Goss
    Wed 14th Sep 2011
    at 12:40pm
  • 2.
  • The morning of 9/11, I heard the TV on in our conference room. A room full of co-workers were in there and seeing the alarm on their faces, I asked what was going on. One replied that a plane had struck the World Trade Center and a moment later, we all watched in horror as a second plane flew into the other tower. A few moments later, I quietly turned to the room and said, "I am going to go lower our flag to half mast and say a prayer."

    I would like to think that the American flag at the Wake County Public School System's Central Services Complex was one of the first flags to be lowered that day.

    Christina Lighthall
    Raleigh, NC
  • Christina Lighthall
    Fri 9th Sep 2011
    at 8:53pm
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