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  • Frederich Hayek's articles on the "Bell Curve" and "Why the worst get on top" was the most succinct and well written summary I've read on the subject of losing our American heritage...
    I have two pieces of input:
    1. unfortunately the question "What rational, logical evidence...." can be responded to by Europe and Canada and in point of fact a majority in those countries believe that health care entitlement works... Though, many of we Americans DO NOT believe we can transition productively to such a centrally planned tax funded system...I would ask Mr. Hyek to drill down on that issue so as to explain (as he does so well) why that European model doesn't translate into our American system well.
    2. I totally agree that "failure to educate" is our biggest issue...and perhaps he (Mr. Hayek) could add or address the fact that we must somehow inspire our youth to achieve and UNDERSTAND why America worked and why it will digress on its current path...a huge order...and can only be accomplished if....and why....
  • r. scott richardson
    Sat 16th Nov 2013
    at 1:09pm
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