Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor


Date: May 16, 2013
by: Observer Staff




+ Two-lane Fruitville support
Dear Editor:

I support Commissioner Shannon Snyder’s efforts to change Fruitville Road from four to two lanes in the blocks approaching US 41, to encourage development north of Fruitville Road. I probably would not have understood this suggestion had I not attended author Jeff Speck’s lecture in March, when he came to Sarasota. I later read his book, “Walkable City.” After that, I began thinking about Speck’s suggestions. 
I realized when driving on Fruitville Road that there are many antique, furniture and other stores that I hadn’t even noticed while whizzing by at 35-plus miles per hour. I saw pedestrians standing bored on the side of the road, waiting for the long light to change so that they could cross the four-lane highway. I came around to the idea that, although there could be a delay for me as a motorist at times, there would also be an expansion of the downtown with a whole new opened-up area north of Fruitville Road. I’d suggest to anyone who opposes this idea to first read “Walkable City” to understand the thinking underlying this suggestion. I am glad Commissioner Snyder has the vision to understand it and propose further exploration of this idea.
Joan Lovell


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  • Observer Editor,
    I submit for publication as you see fit. Thank you.

    To all Marines and Veterans;
    Today's Herald Tribune, June 8, 2013, in Letters to the Editor, from a former Marine, who makes an excellent statement that I agree with completely. Place the Iwo Jima statute in the Sarasota National Cemetery where it belongs and honor those who were there and made the supreme sacrifice.

    There is no connection with any other statute and it should stand alone. The Sarasota Memorial Cemetery Staff will maintain it properly. We already have a large Iwo Jima Statute in Cape Coral that is recognized annually at different ceremonies. If you want to make a donation, contact the staff at the Sarasota Memorial Cemetery and see what you can do to promote such a wonderful opportunity to give recognition to a battle of world renown for valor.

    I, as a survivor of the Battle of Iwo Jima strongly support the statute be given recognition it deserves in a place of honor for all my fellow Marines, I know they would be pleased to have the statute in the Sarasota National Cemetery.

    Semper Fi,

    MCL Bob Crossley
    Detachment # 643
    Venice, Fl 34292
    Tel: 941-493-1919
  • Robert Crossley
    Sat 8th Jun 2013
    at 1:34pm
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