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  • Dear Mr. Southwick,
    Will all due respect, I'd rather pay for contraception than pay the ongoing cost of another child on welfare, the ongoing cost of another court-appointed attorney to defend a dead-beat dad, the ongoing cost of another judge to hear such a case, the ongoing cost of another inmate jailed for non-payment of child support, the ongoing cost of another child born with HIV, the ongoing cost of another child in foster care, and the ongoing cost of another child in an orphanage. It seemed to me that your $100 a year economic estimate is using what former President Bush [notice I use capitals when referring to the Office of the Presidency, unlike the wall street journal] called "fuzzy math."

    Dear Ms. Gallinaro,
    While I'm sure that you are a perfectly sweet, mature women, and as such, your opinion is valid, it is after all, just your opinion. One with which I disagree. The streets of downtown Sarasota, including Main Street, are most definitely not empty nor nearly empty when not hosting special events. There are many wonderful items to be found behind these drab facades, if you choose to actually shop downtown, rather than take just advantage of our cultural highlights. Yes, there is need for improvement, just like the City of Truro, Cape Cod needs your active support in renovating its derelict properties.
  • Dan Christian
    Mon 19th Mar 2012
    at 6:53pm
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