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  • Richard Martin is doing great work in helping the homeless and there are groups trying to help the homeless like Phil's Gang. The problem lies with our government that does not seem to have any money to help the mentally ill or drug addicted. The only answer seems to be to lock them up which your article correctly reflects. That said, there is zero excuse to let them run loose downtown terrorizing visitors, shop owners and law abiding people trying to enjoy the downtown. Zero excuse! If any advocates want them at their front door. Please provide your address and we can gladly send them to your front door for panhandling, urinating, sleeping, begging and terrorizing normal law abiding shoppers and store owners. That said, the homeless need help but that help does not rest in terrorizing the downtown of Sarasota.. Thanks to police for doing there work which is not easy! Rick Crawford
  • Rick Crawford
    Fri 5th Oct 2012
    at 10:28am
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  • Come on Mr. Martin. I DO NOT think you will find many people who don't believe that we, as a city or county, should help those who cannot help themselves. This includes persons with mental illnesses, physical disabilities and those who truly want to work but cannot find work. But, if you get your head out of the sand, you will acknowledge that MOST of the homeless in downtown Sarasota do not fall in this category, They, instead, are substance abusers who have little desire to work. Instead, they loiter and beg for the "next fix." Unfortunately, someone did the city such a HUGE injustice by allowing the largest Salvation Army in the state to be build a few blocks from our beautiful Main Street. And, the bus station is location in the middle of downtown. Until these two foolish decisions are "fixed," Sarasota will continue to lag behind other Florida cities in their growth, beauty and desirability.
  • Kat Lynn
    Thu 4th Oct 2012
    at 6:00pm
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  • The police are doing a good job. When people give money to these men, they go out and either drink it up or buy drugs. If they break the law, a few days in jail with a slap on the wrist is all they receive and out they go again. There has to be a Federal program to help these people become independent in every state and not have the bulk come down to Florida...Sarasota seems to be Utopia.
  • joan hummert
    Thu 4th Oct 2012
    at 5:03pm
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  • On Monday there was a group of people feed Homeless in the City Hall parking lot, during the City Commission meeting. Does anyone know which group was doing this?
  • virginia Hoffman
    Thu 4th Oct 2012
    at 12:09pm
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