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  • Frankly, my dears, I don't give a hang what the "Art Committee" thinks about Unconditional Surrender. Unlike the low quality garbage they string along the bay each year, it is beautiful. It certainly beats the Picture Frame (Oh, my, you get a different picture of the bay when you stand in a different place!" ) The same effect can be had from bringing any empty frame from any framing shop. It appears that the 'Art Committee' only loves the inane, pathetic, gross and ugly (remember our little car dance in front of a major building). Having been hit by an 18-wheeler, the last thing I wanted to see was a car wreck every time I visite ddowntown. Of course, everyone has noticed the absolute crowds of visitors having their pictures taken with the other pieces of 'art'. Oh, you haven't? But surely if our lovely nurse and handsome sailor draw the crowds, then the other pieces must be just as popular - right? Nope, they are avoided like the plague or visited by people who fancy themselves to be artists and therefore absolutely MUST support the other sad examples of the Sarasota art scene.

    Leave the Unconditional Surrender alone. For the first time, in my ten years here, I'm actually proud of a piece of REAL art. As Mama used to say, I may not always know art, but I know trash when I see it. The rest of the mess strewn along the bay each year is trash.
  • margie digiovanni
    Thu 20th Aug 2009
    at 12:24pm
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