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  • God Bless the gentleman that wants to buy it and place it on the bayfront. My father was in the Navy during WWII and that statue would have made him very proud, it embraces the heart and soul of this nation at that time. If Ms. Hoffman is in charge of some one the garbage that I have seen down there through the years maybe she should resign or retire the position. The statue depicts emotion, it's patriotic and a true piece of art that people can understand. Not something that people look at and go "what is it?". Shame on Sarasota if we don't keep it where it is. One person shouldn't be allowed to speak for the majority.
  • Gilda Perkins
    Thu 13th Aug 2009
    at 12:17am
  • 2.
  • I do not want the "Unconditional Surrender" to remain on the Bay Front.
  • Suzanne Ray
    Wed 12th Aug 2009
    at 6:51pm
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  • The sculpture would make a great permanent addition to the bayfront .It is admired by locals and visitors alike and makes a wonderful statement .Kudos to the gentleman who is willing to purchase it for the city.
    Wed 12th Aug 2009
    at 6:28pm
  • 4.
  • Its a no-brainer. The city of Sarasota should accept the offer and keep "Unconditional Surrender" in Bayfront Park, where it belongs, and has become a major attraction for vistors to the city. Especially so, since the statue commemorates what was probably the highest point in America's history...victory over the REAL axis of evil.
  • roy diton
    Wed 12th Aug 2009
    at 3:16pm
  • 5.
  • "Unconditional Surrender" is a most patriotic piece placed in a location of prominance. Sarasota is an incredibly patriotic city, comprised of many of the so called "Greatest Generation" byTom Brokaw.
    I support it's remaining in it's present location on the bay front.
    D.R. Zaccone
    Golden Gate Point
  • D R Zaccone
    Wed 12th Aug 2009
    at 11:56am
  • 6.
  • We need and 'Public Art Committe' to make a decision about the Unconditional Surrender??? I always enjoyed the artwork along the bay front. But, unmistakeably Unconditional Surrender has drawn the most interest from the public. Like so many other issues in today's society, the public interest is at risk of being trumped by special interest.
  • Larry Zeigler
    Wed 12th Aug 2009
    at 11:22am
  • 7.
  • Perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on Virginia Hoffman and her position on "Unconditional Surrender"(the sailor and the nurse). Every community has its elitist art critics who maintain their status with a position that only their special group can appreciate "real art" and anything that the majority of folks might like, by definition, can't be art. She probably loved the ridiculous array of old cars stood on end.

    With the generous offer to buy the sculpture, it would be a mistake to turn it down because of an elitiest minority view. My mother (93) loved it when she visited. She was in NY on the day it happened. I love it (69). My children(40s) loved it when they visited. My grandchildren(10-16) loved it. It is a wonderful, uplifting piece of art that we are lucky to have in a perfect place by the marina.

    Shame on you Art Committee if you don't keep it.

    Gabriel Rosica
    Longboat Key SnowBird
  • Gabriel Rosica
    Wed 12th Aug 2009
    at 11:08am
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