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  • @Bob Maier, with all due respect and happiness to share info...

    Bob, These luminaires/light fixtures have a life expectancy of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours as compared to the existing Metal Halide bulbs being around 12,000-17,000 hours (if you're lucky). MH bulbs burn out and LED lights have a degredation of light output but still work. The maintenance costs are nil when compared to MH bulbs and the cost to operate them are close to 1/5th of the MH bulbs. Even if the City paid for the equipment the return on investment from savings in electricity consumption and the elimination of maintenance is amazing and would probably pay for itself within 3 years. The City(s) who choose to utilize/adopt this new technology are going to be very happy. As a matter of fact, I started a new company using this technology just because of the magnificent energy efficiency EVERYONE can benefit from. It is the start of something greater than many realize. I am happy Evolucia, an Industry leader, is a part of the Sarasota business community...and yes, I am an ILED stock holder...on a very small scale though...
  • David Neff
    Wed 27th Mar 2013
    at 9:16am
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  • I am a big proponent, advocate and supporter of both Evolucia and new technology lighting. Especially L.E.D. lighting. The blue hue is closer to a white light as compared to metal halide bulbs. The reason for this is that when you measure lighting the "kelvin" method is used to describe the color. when a metal rod is placed in fire it glows a certain color at certain temperatures 2,500 kelvin (Metal Halide) is an orangy yellow color and 6,000 kelvin is closer to a white hot color (L.E.D.) GREAT Article and congratulations to both the City of Sarasota for recognizing the importance of Energy Efficiency and to Evolucia for presenting such an outstanding (Industry leading) product to market.
  • David Neff
    Wed 27th Mar 2013
    at 8:57am
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  • I hope that the same people that opposed the bridge years ago have come to their senses and not oppose this wonderful idea. Richie Barthelmess.
  • Richard Barthelmess
    Tue 26th Mar 2013
    at 5:23am
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  • Nice idea and free is good, however lets talk about annual electric cost and the ongoing maintenance cost who will maintain them and what is the contract cost to do the annual semi annual inspections

    Don't get trapped into thinking that it is really free there is no such thing !
    Don't want to rain on the bridge beautification and neighborhood enhancement of the visual effects. However the reality is a better approach and if the cost is reasonable and for the General public good then Go for it!
  • Bob Maier
    Mon 25th Mar 2013
    at 4:43pm
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