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  • The "Peafowl Family Takes Residence in Indian Beach" story hit the issue on the nail; it is a love-hate situation with the birds, for us. The birds were an interesting novelty, when the first 3 arrived. Then 4 chicks were hatched and sightings were a topic of neighborhood discussion, as they grew. One chick has since disappeared, presumed dinner for some of the local wildlife.

    Months have passed and the chicks are now nearly as big as the adults. The have eaten the flowers off of hundreds of dollars of our plants, they ate most of our vegetable seedlings before they had a chance and root through the yard on a frequent basis. But of most concern to us is that all six turkey-dinner-sized birds land with a thud on our roof as they head to their roost, high in the trees next door. Our newly shingled roof was surely not designed to withstand 15 lb birds and 8 clawed feet! It is a daily battle to chase them off, a battle that is going to intensify because we will not allow it to continue.

    Six peafowl this year will only lead to 10, then 15 and 100 if something isn't done soon. A slingshot, for stinging, not maiming, is on our shopping list. Delaying their peaceful move to "a farm" will only increase the eventual cost to the neighborhood; as they will certainly outlast their welcome with others, as they have with us.
  • Rick Hughes
    Sat 2nd Mar 2013
    at 8:12am
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