Neighborhood association lobs complaint at political group


Neighborhood association lobs complaint at political group


Date: February 3, 2014
by: David Conway | News Editor



When it comes to the recent push for an elected mayor, members of city neighborhood associations say their organizations are being inappropriately used for political purposes.

On the website for It’s Time Sarasota, the political group advocating for a new city charter and an elected mayor, seven city neighborhood associations are used to identify some of the 18 people who helped draft the new charter. On Saturday, the Coalition of City Neighborhood Associations requested that the group remove the names of neighborhood associations that have not taken a position on the charter.

One of the leading advocates for the new caucus, Diana Hamilton, is named as a member of the Laurel Park Neighborhood Association. At Saturday’s CCNA meeting, representatives from Laurel Park strongly objected to this — most importantly, they said, because Hamilton is not actually a member of the organization.

Beyond that, they said, the use of neighborhood association names in general was misleading, even considering It's Time Sarasota's disclaimer that all participants were acting on their own behalf. Several people at Saturday’s meeting said that, unless a neighborhood association specifically took a stand, the organizations shouldn’t be used as identifiers in a political campaign.

“It says they're not representing organizations in an official capacity, but they're giving the impression that the neighborhood is behind the idea,” said Jude Levy, a Laurel Park Neighborhood Association board member.

Levy argued that It’s Time Sarasota was using these neighborhood organizations to make the campaign for a new caucus seem like it had more widespread support than it actually did.

“What's happening is they're labeling this a grassroots movement because they're naming your neighborhoods,” Levy said. “The board asked that our Laurel Park name be taken off the list, and it hasn't.”

Linda Holland, chairwoman of It’s Time Sarasota and president of the Gillespie Park Neighborhood Association, said she hadn’t had the time to respond to the complaint from the Laurel Park Neighborhood Association due to an illness. At Saturday’s meeting, said she would take their concerns back to other members of It’s Time Sarasota. As of Monday, no references to neighborhood associations had been removed from the group’s website.

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Currently 4 Responses

  • 1.
  • Mr. Henshaw -- no one asserts that there aren't residents in Laurel Park who like the proposal, but the proponents have no right to imply that the association has provided an author to participate in writing it (and thereby, implying that the majority of the association supports it). Also, you may believe that "an elected mayor is a good idea", but do you understand the differences between the existing charter and what is proposed to replace every aspect of it and the impact? This proposal is to replace the entire city charter.
  • commenton observer
    Tue 4th Feb 2014
    at 10:40am
  • 2.
  • CCNA "requested that the group remove the names of neighborhood associations that have not taken a position on the charter" -- and rightly so! How manipulative to list them! This was all secret until a reporter revealed the initiative and many of the participants. The list was published on the day the site debuted—no neighborhood association could have met and voted before it was published whether or not to support this political initiative to gut the city charter and replace it with concepts that have been rejected three times at the ballot box and multiple times in proposals put forward in public meetings. Some neighborhood associations are designated as nonpartisan or non-political and never would take a stand on a politically motivated initiative without violating their by-laws. Thank you for covering this attempt to trick unsuspecting voters into believing that this is a grass roots initiative. I have noticed that David Conway is a reporter we can count on to give us the facts and cover the important facets of issues. Keep it up!
  • commenton observer
    Mon 3rd Feb 2014
    at 4:25pm
  • 3.
  • Well, I don't like it. If it comes to a vote that I can cast a ballot on, I will vote "no".

    In fact, am getting a little impatient that it keeps coming up. It is just developers and real estate sales types who would stand to gain control of city hall - more than they have already, that is. Straight up corruption . . .
  • Pete Theisen
    Mon 3rd Feb 2014
    at 3:26pm
  • 4.
  • I live in Laurel Park. I think an elected Mayor is a good idea.
  • Michael Henshaw
    Mon 3rd Feb 2014
    at 2:26pm
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