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  • The art committee and people all over the usa in those committees are people who bought "the emperor's clothes" over and over again for years on end and will continue to do so thoroughout history.

    To put up a circle of rusted junk cars for months on end and to cause people to look in disgust at something that was clearly a wonderful sculpture with a hidden meaning to a member of the art committee and only if you could see "the emperor's clothes" would you be able to understand the beauty and wonder of that cirlce of junk!! So we will leave it up there because we feel you need it and to see the hidden meaning!!

    A member also stated that she saw the art as a vile act to that woman who clearly did not want to be kissed and you could see it in her hand that was pushing him away and the other hand was a fist. She projected her own psychological feelings into that art piece and smeared it with vile acts towards women!!

    These are the people that are judging the right of the statue to stay there??? I see people every day in any weather taking pictures of the art and themselves with it in the background because it represents the fact that when modern free civilization was in peril of being wiped from the earth, that it was the fighting men and the tremendous support of the women in and out of uniform that lead to the defeat of that threat and that we prevailed as a nation and an ideal that we are free and we won!!!!

    Perhaps if the media was embedded with us during ww2 that we might have lost the war or that it would have been a far different world today for sure.
  • Norman West
    Tue 18th Aug 2009
    at 3:31pm
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  • It gets discouraging living and working in an area where a minority totally disreguard the masses. The statue brought a lot of people to the bayfront (I thought that was the idea) , was a source of memories, smiles and a topic of conversation. The only thing it didn't do is fit into the SRQ box.
  • carolann cahill
    Sat 15th Aug 2009
    at 5:29pm
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  • It is amusing that the art committee is considered the elitists when Sarasota has always been run by those with the checkbook, just like the statue supporters! There is no proof the public is in support of this, the "petition" is bogus as it has no way to ensure registered Sarasota voters and it has no opposing petition to compare it to! It is silly to think it means anything. Did you know the statue is made in China? Did you know Time, Inc. is pursuing legal recourse since it violates copyright? Did you know that other cities have this exact statue? That alone is an embarrassment to Sarasota. Did you know that Time, Inc offered a $5000 license to the city to have a local artist create a 3D sculpture of the SAME IMAGE?!? So if the "majority" wants this still, they are essentially saying, they'd rather give $500K to a bunch of Chinese workers, led by a billionaire artist (Seward Johnson) that is an unauthorized copy of a classic photo than to create a proper bronze or stone statue that is more befitting of our Troops, created by a local artist who will in turn spend that money locally? It's like the Music Man all over again. Sarasota is River City and you all are being duped. (Source on China production: Nantucket Independent, August 27, 2008 interview with the artist)
  • Tim Raines
    Sat 15th Aug 2009
    at 3:42pm
  • 4.

  • Suzanne Ray
    Thu 13th Aug 2009
    at 9:32pm
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  • I am not particularly for or against the statue, but compared to the junk cars and other displays of random pieces of scrap metal that decorate the bayfront, the statue is a big improvement. It is pretty clear that the Arts Committee does not represent the will of the vast majority of the local citizenry. Looks like time for a new Arts Committee that is not so hostile to the preferences of the community.
  • Scott Duink
    Thu 13th Aug 2009
    at 5:31pm
  • 6.
  • I love the statue, but I don't believe it belongs there. Perhaps further down the Bayfront or in the park, close to the water.
  • Dan Higgs
    Thu 13th Aug 2009
    at 12:59pm
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  • What a shame. I drive by the statue often and there is frequently a gathering of people around it, talking about it, taking pictures, etc.

    I think the issue is that the 'Art' Committee are a bunch of snobs who are upset that a realistic, non-abstract sculpture is drawing more praise and attention than the usual pretentious 'art' that is on display along the waterfront. Admittedly, some of it is interesting, but most of it is nothing special in my opinion.

    “Unconditional Surrender” is a tribute to our war veterans, and deserves a special amount of respect and reverance.

    Leave the statue up Sarasota. It's the right thing to do.
  • auximenes 77
    Thu 13th Aug 2009
    at 9:47am
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  • Can't have anything that patriotic in the public eye huh?
  • Kathy Hansen
    Thu 13th Aug 2009
    at 9:25am
  • 9.
  • Shame on the High Society that seem to override the population with some of the trash they exhibit down there. Hopefully the City Commission listens to the public and not a bunch of snobs that compose the Art (if you can call it that) Committee.
  • Gilda Perkins
    Thu 13th Aug 2009
    at 12:22am
  • 10.
  • Sad news. I would hope the City Commission would override this decision and show that they represent the people and not the elitist critics that obviously make up the Art Committee.

    Was it a coincidence that this vote was taken in the summer when the seasonal residents are absent. I would guess that most of us would want the sculpture to stay.
  • Gabriel Rosica
    Wed 12th Aug 2009
    at 7:39pm
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