City eliminates 35 job positions


City eliminates 35 job positions


Date: June 22, 2010
by: Robin Roy | City Editor


With the prospect of having to slice more than $5 million from next year’s budget, the city announced it is cutting 35 positions from nine different departments.

Among the cuts are 13 layoffs, the elimination of 18 vacant positions and the reassignment of four employees within city government.

“These are getting to be tougher and tougher times,” said City Manager Bob Bartolotta. “We’re going into our fourth year of the economic slowdown.”

The cuts come from the following departments: city manager’s office, human resources, finance, neighborhood and development services, public works, utilities, recreation facilities, information technology and Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.

There were no cuts in the police department.

Bartolotta said an effort was going to be made to find the 13 employees jobs in other vacant positions. But if that’s not possible, the employees’ last day will be July 19.

“I’m real sensitive to the personal side of this,” Bartolotta said. “This is a tragedy.”

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Currently 2 Responses

  • 1.
  • I would sneak a guess that those 35 positions and probably the 13 other unlucky employees had taken part in the expansion and raises those in power felt were earned and thier just reward for leading our home markets into such robust profits AND taxes. There were articles in the news at that time as well I know in Manatee County that's the case. I still have the articles. I wish on most of the tv shows, radio shows and print media would talk about some of the real reasons folks couldn't make their house payements. Taxes zipped up fast and high and just as fast and hight Insurance jumped up. For us, that knocked us right out of even qualifying for the loans we gave up so much to obtain. Sounded smart then--we sought advice fro m successful businesspeople, parents, books, periodicals. So we used our retirement money to purchase a home, before the prices went so high we could'nt. Thats what our advisers said "hurry up, or they'll be too high. That is what I find more that not. Of course now one of us has been diagnosed with a progressive, chronic, neurological disease. And so many people I see (while dog walking) that are in the same boat. The holes that are sinking both boats are a little different, but we're goin down. If those stupid banks would man up and put correct marketablt values on those loans, not back-ended with the balance-----just really what the going market value-----you know the market----the thing that makes anything worth anything.. Remember if Gold were uber expensive (which it may be one day) -no
    buyer. no value. Now there are very few jobs that almost always have value being the tax man and the undertaker, couse the undertaker makes the vehicle that the body rides to either hell (you decide, not me) or heavan where the streets are paved in gold!!!!!!! So I guess gold does not have monetary value in Heaven, sounds like my kind of place, In any case bankes used to re-value a loan according to a few of the folks I know that have been here over the years. I'm told that it was not an uncommon practice when the loan value had fallen. Then everything can re-wind and go back to what we had prior--not 18-20% increase in value. Not the the normal for here 10-12%.....higher than most of the nation in the past health market. If any one ready this know the president please pass it on---they won't take MY call anymore. I don't need the credit for this program working, Hey! the they can hire back the 13 they feel so bad about and maybe even grow into the 34 other eliminated but not used jobs!
    God's Peace
    Mon 28th Jun 2010
    at 2:23pm
  • 2.
  • Well it's also tragedy the almost 12% of Sarasota and Manatee Counties private workers are unemployed. They actually make money for all that happens in any government. Times are tough. How about this idea. Have the government employees bid for their jobs. How much of a pay cut are you willing to take in order to keep your job? Let's have a bidding war. Government jobs can be cut way back to balance the budget. Let's do it!
  • Milan Adrian
    Tue 22nd Jun 2010
    at 5:04pm
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