Former candidates issue double endorsement of Atwell, Dorfman


Former candidates issue double endorsement of Atwell, Dorfman


Date: March 26, 2013
by: Roger Drouin | City Editor




Two weeks after the March 12 election, community activist Linda Holland and Pastor Kelvin Lumpkin issued a dual endorsement today for Suzanne Atwell and Richard Dorfman, two of the three candidates in the City Commission at-large run-off.

Atwell, Dorfman, and Susan Chapman are vying for the May 14 run-off.

The duel endorsement shows an effort to fuel voter support for both Atwell and Dorfman, who are facing off against neighborhood leader and slow-growth advocate Chapman.

In a press release sent Tuesday, March 26, both Holland and Lumpkin said they believed a dual endorsement — combined with a get-out-the-vote effort — would make a difference in the election.

“One of the things I’ve learned in my 30 years of civic engagement is the value of teamwork,” Holland said. “And Suzanne Atwell is an experienced and essential team player.

Holland added, “After debating our way through 12 public forums I’ve grown to admire Richard Dorfman’s ‘can do’ attitude and robust perspective on the issues.”

Lumpkin said he is ready to pitch in with the campaign effort of both Atwell and Dorfman.

“Their combined experience and positive outlook will serve our city well,” Lumpkin said. “I’m rested and ready to throw my support behind the two candidates I feel are best suited to lead Sarasota: Suzanne Atwell and Richard Dorfman.”

Atwell supporters pointed out that the double endorsement was an unusual display of bi-partisan unity for Holland, a Democrat, and Lumpkin, a Republican. “While city elections are non-partisan, party politics can play a role in the process at times,” read the press release sent Tuesday.


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Currently 6 Responses

  • 1.
  • Dorfman team names pinch hitter. This is a bad move for Suzanne Atwell that may put her in danger of losing her seat to her new team leader. However, I still like the ladies best and will stick with them both. 5:20_3.31
  • Gud Lookn
    Sun 31st Mar 2013
    at 5:22pm
  • 2.
  • Dorfman Team names pinch hitter to replace Lumpkin – I'm afraid Atwell is in grave danger now and doesn't realize the mistake she has made. I'll stick with the two ladies, thank you.
  • Gud Lookn
    Thu 28th Mar 2013
    at 10:43am
  • 3.
  • A "duel" endorsement? Wow, with pistols? I want to see that.
    Oh, wait... maybe its just a dual endorsement.
  • Sid Mann
    Tue 26th Mar 2013
    at 6:21pm
  • 4.
  • I can't tell you how surprised I am over this! I mean, what are the chances - those two endorsing these two?
  • Pete Theisen
    Tue 26th Mar 2013
    at 5:39pm
  • 5.
  • Wow -- all those backed by the black hats (to one degree or another) united against one little feisty lady! High Noon hits Sarasota... gotta know that not only must she have lots of guts, but she must really frighten those who think they can stomp her by closing ranks. This should be historic in proportions.
  • commenton observer
    Tue 26th Mar 2013
    at 5:32pm
  • 6.
  • Very wise endorsements. May those two win in the runoff.
  • Milan Adrian
    Tue 26th Mar 2013
    at 3:03pm
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