Shelter showdown continues


Shelter showdown continues


Date: March 20, 2014
by: Nolan Peterson | News Editor


The city and county have been playing a cat-and-mouse game over the selection of a downtown homeless shelter’s location since a national homelessness expert recommended such a facility in November.

When Sarasota County Director of Homeless Services Wayne Applebee began his report before the County Commission Tuesday on the status of the county’s homeless initiative, he initially had a lot of good news to report.

Applebee outlined the steps county staff has taken to implement recommendations proposed in November by homelessness expert Dr. Richard Marbut, who was commissioned by the county and the city of Sarasota to study the area’s homeless population.

According to Applebee, plans are moving forward on Marbut’s recommendations, including the creation of two family emergency crisis shelters.

But when Applebee got to the part of his report about the city of Sarasota’s search for the site of a downtown homeless shelter, his enthusiasm faded.

“I’m sorry … we can’t avoid this last section of my report,” Applebee conceded to commissioners, segueing into a contentious discussion that highlighted an ongoing spat between county and city commissioners about where such a facility should be located.

County commissioners, drawing on Marbut’s recommendations, are pushing for a “come as you are” homeless shelter to be built in downtown Sarasota and offered the city $500,000 for the project.

Some Sarasota city commissioners and administrators — notably Commissioners Susan Chapman and Suzanne Atwell and Vice Mayor Willie Shaw, as well as many downtown residents and business owners — are largely against such a move. They claim the presence of a homeless shelter downtown would likely attract more homeless to the area, diminish property values and increase crime.

“To think that out of all places in this county, 65 that were vetted, only three could be found and they happened to be in North Sarasota,” Shaw said at a Sarasota City Commission meeting Monday. “That’s ridiculous to think that that wasn’t preconceived … by powers that be … your intent was to put it in North Sarasota in the beginning.”

On Tuesday, county commissioners accused some Sarasota city commissioners and administrators — Chapman was the only one identified by name — of intentionally stalling the selection of a site for the downtown homeless shelter to ultimately block the project from being built.

“There is a clear path by the administration in the city to sabotage this process,” County Commissioner Joe Barbetta said. “It’s becoming a political football, and it’s just not proper. I think they’re insulting Dr. Marbut ... and they’re insulting the public.”

Barbetta ultimately threatened to pull county funding for the shelter if the city continues to dodge its selection of a site for the facility.

“I’m really getting fed up with this whole situation,” Barbetta said. “The city thinks they have this under control, and I’m tired of being beat up trying to help. We’re just running into a brick wall with the city ... it’s just a horrible situation.”

Other county commissioners echoed Barbetta’s frustration.

“It’s unfortunate that the conversation about a community problem has turned toxic,” Commissioner Christine Robinson said. “We’re heading down an ugly road.”

County commissioners Carolyn Mason and Nora Patterson, however, argued the City Commission’s opposition to the downtown homeless shelter was not unanimous, and there was still room left for a compromise.

“We shouldn’t categorize this as the will of the city,” Patterson said.

City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo acknowledged the split in opinion at Monday’s City Commission meeting.

“It is my understanding that the administration is fundamentally against having a shelter within the city limits,” Caragiulo said, “and I think that needs to be put on the record … there’s a sense that there’s a certain undermining going on.”

City commissioners said the originally proposed downtown Sarasota site at 1330 N. Osprey Ave. was unavailable until at least June 2015 because the parcel was needed as a staging area for a nearby deep-injection well construction project. According to Applebee’s memorandum, city staff reported exploring other city properties to serve as the staging area but claimed no other options were available.

County staff, however, subsequently recommended the city contact UPS about using its property at 1530 N. Osprey Ave. as a possible alternate staging area for the deep-injection well project.

Deputy Sarasota City Manager Marlon Brown “indicated that the city would explore this option,” Applebee wrote in his report.

Applebee, however, eventually sidestepped the city of Sarasota to make a request directly to UPS on behalf of Sarasota County for use of its site for either staging equipment for the city’s injection well project or potentially as a permanent location for the proposed downtown shelter.

Applebee said Tuesday that the UPS property was not for sale, ruling it out as a possible alternate location for the shelter. The site could still be a possibility for the staging area, however, potentially freeing up the 1330 Osprey Ave. location for the shelter before 2015.

Applebee and Marbut also identified two other downtown locations that would be suitable for a shelter — 1011 and 1502 N. Lime Ave. Applebee said he is continuing to research the viability of those sites.

During Tuesday’s County Commission meeting, Barbetta questioned Applebee about whether the proposed sites for the downtown shelter had failed their environmental assessments.

“There’s been no failure at this point,” Applebee said.

“On the record, last night Susan Chapman said that both sites had failed the environmental report,”

Barbetta replied, referring to Monday’s City Commission meeting.

At that meeting, referring to the proposed homeless shelter sites, Chapman said: “With regard to the sites — if the sites keep flunking environmental tests, I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Firsthand account
As the City Commission remains divided on the subject of building a “Come as You Are” homeless shelter within the city, opponents are using the account of a Sarasota Police Department lieutenant as ammunition in the fight against the shelter.

At the March 3 City Commission meeting, Vice Mayor Willie Shaw invited Lt. Kevin Stiff to share his observations from visiting similar homeless shelters in San Antonio, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Most of his observations came from the Robert Marbut-designed Haven for Hope in San Antonio. Stiff said he informally polled 17 nearby business owners and residents, none of whom said the center has had a positive impact on the community.

Shelter opponents, such as Shaw and Commissioner Susan Chapman, have argued a homeless facility would be a burden on the city and serve as a magnet for regional transients. At Haven for Hope and Central Arizona Shelter Services in Phoenix, Stiff reported a similar phenomenon.

“The manager (in Phoenix) feels the population is growing,” Stiff said. “They feel they’ve become a regional drop-off center.”

Stiff noted that he had no stance on whether the shelter should be built, and he also included recommendations for how to avoid the missteps of other facilities. In Phoenix, for example, the shelter manager said the group failed to properly communicate with the surrounding neighborhood; Stiff recommended holding regular community meetings in the area where the shelter is built to get feedback from residents.

Ultimately, Stiff said, the SPD will stand behind whatever the city decides is best.

“The police department is prepared to make whichever plan a success for the city,” Stiff said.

— David Conway

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Currently 2 Responses

  • 1.
  • Thank you, Maryellen, for your continued insight and practical proposals regarding the site selection of the McMarbut Come-As-You-Are wet camp.

    For our city Commissioners (three of them, Caraguelo, Snyder and Atwell) to continue to insist on a location north of Fruitville Road, particularly at a site where our water supply is involved, in the face of attempted bribary of Commissioner Chapman by the Sunshine gang seems at best ridiculous.

    There is plenty of speculation regarding the ulterior motives of the City Commissioners who are so insistant as well as the County Commissioners who refuse to place their McMarbut run by their chosen McMarbut Homeless Coordinator in the city. Investigations are currently underway for legal remedies both to the site selection and the recent actions by the City Commission. Namely, they lifted a city ordinance against camping wthout proper notification of neighbors or community input by declaring 10th Street and 10th Street only as a Safe Zone for vagrants.
  • Dale Orlando
    Sun 30th Mar 2014
    at 1:12pm
  • 2.
  • The Sarasota County Commission owns many acres of vacant land in the area of the construction site of the new $15 million dollar Sarasota County Emergency Management Offices. Instead of moaning, finger pointing,denigrating and using implied threats to cut funding to attack,coerce and intimidate Sarasota city residents and our elected officials just accept that the city of Sarasota residents are entitled to time required to investigate, comprehend and consider the cost and immediate, short and long term consequences of having any Sarasota COUNTY GOVERNMENT OWNED and OPERATED Homeless Service Centers within city limits adjacent to residential areas. County Commissioners can immediately build any component of or the entire Sarasota County GOVERNMENT OWNED AND OPERATED Homeless Services Complex on VACANT lands owned by the Sarasota County government. The county commission can construct within one week the proposed emergency over night lodging courtyard such as the original Camillus House emergency facility Over town metro stop, Miami,FL to sere the general homeless persons in need of overnight lodging and as county LEO diversion intake facility for "no arrest compromised ADL" homeless persons. Just because many Sarasota city residents and our elected government have expressed concern for the short and long term intended and unintended consequences created by locating any Sarasota COUNTY government owned,policed and operated homeless service center(s) within city limits adjacent to residential neighborhoods does not prevent our county commissioners from the immediate construction and staffing its Dr Marbut endorsed Sarasota COUNTY Emergency overnight courtyard homeless shelter on a few of the vast empty acres of county owned NON RESIDENTIAL parcels bounded by Palmer Blvd,I-75 Cattlemen Rd and Bahia Vista. As per SCPA website: Sarasota County owned land vacant and/or partially developed: 6062 Porter Way,1301 Cattlemen Rd,5951 Porter Way,1185 Cattlemen Rd, 5919 Palmer Blvd,5909 Palmer Blvd,5320 Palmer Blvd,650 Cattlemen Rd... Sarasota County government created and hired staff ,Mr Applebee is the Director of Sarasota COUNTY Homeless Services, designated the Sarasota County Sheriff Department as the operationial management and law enforcement authority of the Dr Marbut recommended Sarasota COUNTY Homeless Services Center(s) so the Sarasota County Commission can just build it, run it and police it, so why are the COUNTY COMMISSIONERS wailing and finger pointing? What's with the elected city and county commissioners behaving as if they are paralyzed,rudderless making desperate call for Dr Marbut to return to Sarasota (4/7/14?),to tell the elected official what to do, spoon feed the elected official all the answers(and probably all the questions too), give the elected officials step by step direction...the general public has the common sense to challenge and resist city and county commissioners steamrolling with no common sense.
  • maryellin kirkwood
    Thu 20th Mar 2014
    at 1:23pm
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