Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor


Date: December 12, 2012
by: Observer Staff



+ Longboat Key should hire an attorney for all
Dear Editor:

With the resignation of Town Attorney David Persson, perhaps it is indeed time for a change. 

Not merely changing the honorable man who has served us faithfully for 22 years, but we should consider changing the overall manner in which our town obtains legal counsel. 

It has been quite evident that during Persson’s tenure, he was strictly responsible to the town commissioners and not to “We the People,” who were actually paying for his services.

In all candor — and with a fervent desire — the replacement for Persson must be directly on town of Longboat Key staff. In that situation, as is the case with our many other exceptionally qualified  town-employed professionals, he would be directly responsible to the town manager and thence to the town commissioners and the same “We the People,” who are paying for these services. 

Then, he would truly be the town’s attorney — and not just the attorney of the Town Commission.

Of course, it would be a significant savings, but — and of ever greater importance — we would then be sure of full-time attention and loyalty, without the threat of a potential conflict of interest by engaging another still-practicing local attorney who could still have other clients and interests in our greater community. 
Bradford Saivetz
Longboat Key

Editor’s note: Apologies to Mr. Saivetz. In last week’s editorial on the resignation of Town Attorney David Persson, we mischaracterized Mr. Saivetz’s inquiry to the town for legal fees. His request was to determine whether the town has incurred unreimbursed legal expenses to which it is entitled, not to question Persson’s expenses.

+ New system breaches residents’ privacy
Dear Editor:

Longboat Key Association, personified by its president, Bob Goodman, is in the process of installing a new electronic gate control system on both ends of Longboat Club Road. This was done in the face of objections by many residents who will be forced to live with multiple problems of this very user-UNfriendly and expensive system.

The most galling feature of the new arrangement is the fact that the system monitors and records — by name and precise time — the movement of the residents through the gates.

Incredible? Yes, but true! Every time one of us goes through the gate, Big Brother records exactly who and when we crossed the gate. When asked the reason for this unauthorized spying, Goodman’s explanation was: “enhanced resident security.” That is as disingenuous an excuse as one can dream up, considering that the gate attendants routinely wave through any and all strangers and records are kept only of residents.

It all makes us wonder: on whose behalf is this assault on our privacy being perpetrated? And what other use will Big Brother (and the third-party contractor doing it) make of the information collected without the targets’ permission?
Fred D. Ross
Longboat Key


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  • 1.
  • "Chief scrutinized over Morris Case" Sarasota Herald 12/13/2012

    Another reason why naivete, excuses, fear, or rationalizing should ever preclude one from doing the right thing.
    In this case, Kelly Osborn, relentlessly and fearlessly seeking the truth surrounding her daughter's tragic death is a shining example.
    Persistence, patience, and calm.
    Now, even the Police Chief is under fire.
    No one is exempt from the law, especially not law enforcement officers who are sworn to tell the truth as they wear a badge and hold sway over us all.
    It takes the courage of ones convictions to speak truth to power.
    Law enforcement agencies are acutely aware of their status and sometimes abuse it.
    Fortunately for them, most people would rather let an injustice go unanswered rather than stand tall and do the right thing.
    Like Kelly Morris, when it is over the death of a loved one, the dogged pursuit of the truth should be an easy thing to do.

    "Let us not love with words and speech but with actions and truth"

    CW Lewis

    Lorraine English (Hogle)
    304 21st W
    Bradenton, Fl

  • lorraine english (Hogle)
    Thu 13th Dec 2012
    at 8:53am
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