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  • Wow, no lack of right-wing-nut-jobs on the Observer staff, eh?

    So by your "logic" you would sentence me to death, even though I am totally height/weight proportional, eat healthy, and am an active person. (you claim "Health insurance was not intended to pay for such services as routine doctor checkups, X-rays or prescription drugs").

    Based on the information I get with my prescriptions after suffering from Congestive Heart Failure, they would cost upwards of $3500 per month. Since I couldn't begin to pay that, and you think insurance should not cover that (and I'm sure you agree with the greedy profits associated with this kind of pricing), you believe that instead I should just die!?!

    I'm sure your thinking would change immediately if someone in your family was diagnosed with a serious condition requiring expensive meds and you would instantly change your tune (but then all of you anti-Christian people who want to take away from others to have more for yourselves and yet claim you are Christians act this way, so not a surprise).

    SHAME ON YOU!!! I will no longer read your rag and will toss it when it clutters my driveway. What a pathetic article, why don't you do your own research rather than puking up someone else's opinion? (rhetorical question, as I know the answer: LAZINESS!!!)
  • R Fasman
    Thu 3rd Oct 2013
    at 11:14pm
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