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  • Mr. Rajuski, in the manner of all True Believers who oppose the current President, proves the old adage, "Figures don't lie, but liars can figure". If one opposes the President, it's easy to ignore the part that his predecessor played in the additional deficit accumulated during Mr. Obama's term. For example:
    How much was caused by the ill-fated Bush Tax Cuts, which proved conclusively thet Supply Side Economics is an abject failure?
    How much was caused by two wars started by Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney based on lies?
    How much was caused by by Medicare Plan D, a political move by Mr. Bush which wa unfunded?

    And finally, how much has been caused by the current Congress, a body with a 12% approval rating, which refuses to reverse these actions because their Billionare Supporters and Grover Norquist wouldn't approve?
  • Samuel Sass
    Thu 23rd Aug 2012
    at 6:09pm
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