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  • A very interesting situation deserves your attention. This past week a Sand Cay owner sued and won a several hundred thousand dollar lawsuit in Federal Court in Tampa Florida. The suit? It was for negligence against the Board of Directors regarding the damage of their unit during construction. This owner had witnesses including current and past management. The testimony by Board members was blatant perjury at best. This is the same Board members accusing me of grand theft and fraud as their previous manager. Look into the case. You will see that I as well as others are victims of this Good ole boy system, and the truth will always set you free. My day in court is soon approaching and I guarantee you that after I clear my name, there will be many civil court dates to come. I really feel bad for the owners that had no idea and have supported the Board to this day. They have literally paid dearly. These people need to be stopped. At least I have the Federal Court that believed my testimony. The State and County are next. What a Shame!
  • Judy Paul
    Sun 12th Aug 2012
    at 10:49am
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  • After three long years away, moving back to Sarasota was made complete when I found my first Observer Newspaper. It is one of the few papers in this country that doesn't coddle anyone. I like the straight forward reporting.

    I came in this last issue to discover, as usual, that those who huff and puff demanding free speech once again only mean it should be free if it is in total agreement with their views. Hypocrisy at its best.

    As for our current leadership, listen carefully to all allegations they make, then check what they do and you will find that they only accuse others of that which they themselves are guilty.

    Reid says Romney doesn't pay taxes and it turns out Harry never put up his for review and although he's been working only in government all his life 'for the people' he seems to have acquire $10 million over the years. Could it be from the people's money?

    Obama's Super Pac accuses Romney of murder and callously tossing people out of jobs without a thought. Proves not true, however, reading the health bill does show that eventually government figures will be deciding whether citizens here are too old, too frail, too imperfect for health services, which will, of course, be akin to murdering them in many cases. Then check out the number of jobs this president has made certain went overseas. As he put government in charge of private industry jobs disappeared from our shores. To add insult to injury, he tells other countries WE will be their best customers.

    This is the Chicago Way - to destroy while withholding any semblance of the truth from the public. Obama and his minions have proven especially adept at it.

    Keep telling the truth and speak it loud. Those of your readers that truly count will stick by your right to say your piece.
  • margie digiovanni
    Sat 11th Aug 2012
    at 9:19pm
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  • I attended the Cat Depot 's event at Robarts arean Saturday. They pleaded with the public to help find homes for cats. I walked in and was stopped immediately by someone from the Cat Depot. She asked if I was serious about adopting a cat. I said I wouldln't be there if I wasn't. She said then I would have to sign adoption papers immediately. I said I wanted to see the cats first. She said I wasn't allowed to see them unless I signed adoption papers frist. Then she explained after I signed the papers I would HAVE to take a cat with me. Regarless. How can you pick a forever frend when it is forced upon you? The Cat Depot needs to re-think their policy.
  • Susan Swan
    Sat 11th Aug 2012
    at 11:55am
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