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    Recently the Bay Isles Board of Directors voted not to supply and maintain beach chairs at the Bay Isles Beach Club.
    Keep in mind the residants of Bay Isles are forbidden from having beach chairs at the beach club unless they have one of the few beach chair bins to store it in.
    There is such a demand from the over 1600 Bay Isles Home Owners that the Board decided that they have to take away beach chair bins from the existing bin holders and now hold a "Lottery" to see what few lucky people will be granted use of them. Obviously we have a Need that is not being satisfied by the Board of Bay Isles.
    I approached Neil Fleet,LCAM of Advanced Management, Inc. and Robert Coyne Chairman of the Bay Isles Beach commity and asked why a Word Class Beach Club such as the Bay Isle Club doesn't have Beach Chairs.

    These are a list of the reasons given that we will not be having Beach Chairs
    #1) Having Beach Chairs would be a "Liability Issue". (I know, I'm not kidding, that was the number one reason given to me from Robert Coyne. I have never heard of anyone getting hurt by a Beach Chair?) And don't we have adequate "Liability Insurance"?
    #2) "We don't have anyone to attend to them". ( We already have a full time employee at the Beach Club?)
    #3) The "Cost to Maintain them". ( At $400 per chair times fifteen chairs divided by 1600 unit owners = $3.75 per household.......yes thats $3.75 per Bay Isles Household not per person!) Each chair should last five years that works out to an annual cost of $.75 each!
    #4) "No where to store them in the event of a Hurricane" (Stack them five high and strap them together and put them in the Pavilion that is already there, and have the attendant, that is already there, supply the 1hrs labor")

    Bay Isles is a World Class Community and for a community of 1600 families with a World Class Beach Club such as ours not to have at least a few Beach Chairs for its residents to use is a shame. Contact your Bay Isles Board Members and let them know how you feel.

  • Michael Laurie
    Mon 13th Feb 2012
    at 12:39pm
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