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  • Mr. Allen,

    The next time that you try to exit one of the side streets onto GMD and there is a very large truck parked in the way, blocking your view of oncoming traffic, creating a dangerous situation for you and your family, you may thank some of the officers for taking the time to enforce STATE LAWS that prohibit parking in the State right of way.

    I would caution you to reserve your judgement of either of these officers unless you know all of the facts! You were not there when Ofc. Anderson used the profanity and you have no idea if the children were in fact present or not. Are you aware of the criminal history of your beloved neighbor and fellow taxpayer? Are you aware of the possibility of any resistance that was encountered by Ofc. Anderson by Mr. Menendez during the call? Unless you were a witness to the event, the best thing for anyone that was not involved would be to reserve their judgement unless they know ALL of the facts surrounding the incident.

    As for Ofc. Erickson, he is a fine officer and did indeed use poor judgement. However, I do not believe this means that Ofc. Erickson is incapable of serving and protecting the community.

    Come on, Mr. Allen, you yourself have never viewed pornographic material?! Give me a break. If you want to contribute something for this community to read, why don't you do so with some type of intelligence.
  • jackie house
    Sun 13th Dec 2009
    at 5:14pm
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  • Both cops should be terminated. In longboat key where crime is relatively low, it seems cops have nothing better to do than sit in their cruisers, watch porn, and harass residents for parking on the grass. Anderson was repeatedly asked to stop using profanity in front of the children by the taxpaying Longboat resident, instead she just lost her marbles and arrested the innocent man in front of the children. Its cops like these that give the rest of the well doing department a bad name. I believe that there should be some psychological screening in the police academy to weed out these bad apples. These are the kind of cops that probably got picked on real bad in high school and have a personal vendetta against society. They enjoy the feeling of power over others. These people should not be allowed to walk around with the power to take away a persons civil rights, let alone carry a gun. Im sure the traumatized children at the scene wont be choosing Police Officer at the next school careerer day.
  • Paul Allen
    Thu 10th Dec 2009
    at 11:30am
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  • I believe there was a no parking sign right where the vehicle was parked. I think it should also be asked if the state DOT or any other agency had asked that the parking regulations be enforced. It would seem at first glance that this firing was done in retaliation for unionization.
  • Wal Chung
    Wed 2nd Dec 2009
    at 9:31pm
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  • I certainly do not believe that Officer Anderson arrived at some random resident's home strictly for the purpose of making them move their vehicle out of the median if it wasn't causing a traffic hazard. It seems more likely that there would have been previous complaints about the parking and I would almost guarantee that the people at this residence had previously been spoken to about parking in the right of way. I would also wonder if Officer Anderson was asked to go to this particular residence by a supervisor?

    As for the misconduct that is going on at the police department, Chief Hogle said that each case is reviewed separately, but I it seems that the only favorable resolution for misconduct is for those that are white males, over the age of 40, and don't wear a bra!!! Maybe the worst thing going for Officer Anderson in this entire situation is that she is a young white female, friendly, smart and just happens to be attractive as well? As for arresting this resident without a reason, I bet if the State Attorney's Office were asked, we would get a clearer understanding of this.
  • jackie house
    Wed 2nd Dec 2009
    at 3:20pm
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