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  • The voters re-elected the president, but gave him nothing to help him break the deadlock in the US Congress'

    The republicans will not co-operate with the president unless the key issue is agreed to and that is to preserve a huge tax break for the rich. Which can only hurt the middle class.

    Like US Congressman Vern Buchanan of Sarasota Florida. The voters/consumers/public vote him back into office --- even though he has been involved in investigations by House ethics, Justice, IRS, FBI, for everything from tax fraud to campaign fraud. Friends and associates around him have been charged, fined and pleaded guilty of crimes.

    Where there is smoke fire will sooner rather than later break out. Do the voters in this part of the nation believe that people can change their strips, patterms or past practices. Like taking advantage of a charity like Habitat for Humanity.

    In addition Buchanan has been accused by former employees, partners, CFO, CPA's and consumers of everything from tax fraud to consumer fraud. Yet he is re-elected.

    If the country is put into a down fall then the only persons to blame is the voters themselves. If the middle class is destroyed then the only persons to blame is the voters. If net wealth in Sarasota decreases then blame yourselfs and not the democratics. Because be sured that Vern Buchanan's and his friends net wealth will not be effected.

    The voters have a house that needs painting. They have hired a painter to paint the house. What they did not do is buy any tools such as paint and brushes to paint with. So how is anything going to get done in a timely manner.

    So voters who have put persons like Vern Buchanan from Sarasota, Florida back into office to continue to make promises that he has not fulfilled, use his position for his and his rich friends benefit.

    Do not expect change. Get prepared for things to get worse. Sad part is it will not hurt the rich. They have the money to survive any down turn of the economy. It will hurt the average voter/consumer.
    Duane Overholt autofraudexpert.com Consumer Advocate
  • duane ovberholt
    Fri 16th Nov 2012
    at 6:05pm
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