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  • I seen this on youtube and could not believe it.....This Lady should not have a badge or a gun on her side ever again......if you ever wonder why people are scared of the police.....this is why.......Some cops get that big head and think they can do anything and make up laws as they go. Bad thing is if it was not for the Dash Cam she would have gotta away will all of it.
  • Jane Doe
    Sun 24th Feb 2013
    at 5:44am
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  • I'm not really seeing what Rita's getting at. I have multiple traffic infractions but still have rights! Speeding is a mistake. Dragging someone out of there house and assaulting them because you don't like where he parked is NOT a mistake. It's an indication of a very serious underlying psychological disorder.

    She also appeared more than happy to make up whatever reasons she wanted for arresting him. "He was obstructing ME and I'm not gonna deal with it". She didn't seem to know (or care) what the law ACTUALLY says.

    I think Jessica should have been referred to the DA's office and charged with kidnapping. I will sleep better tonight knowing she's off the force.

    Rita, If you are able to provide any evidence of other officers acting similarly, please let us know so we can take appropriate action.
  • Jon Doe
    Sun 3rd Feb 2013
    at 2:45am
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  • Rita,

    It is sad when the only defense Mr. Krohn had was, "don't fire her, because so many other officers are worse." HOW ABSURD.

    We all saw the BS arrest and the terrible language she used in front of his children. SHAME ON HER AND SHAME ON YOU FOR DEFENDING SUCH AN ANIMAL. She hasn't the demeanor or the intelligence to have a gun and badge.
  • Mitch McKenzie
    Fri 14th Dec 2012
    at 5:42am
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  • First I must note that all these articles and such state she awakened this poor resident, the incident occurred around 845 in the evening I find this hard to believe Mr. Menendez was fast asleep but that is the least of my worries at this point. Mr. Menendez is made out to be such a law abiding citizen in this case however a simple search of the Manatee County Clerk of Courts alone show Mr. Menendez has had 7 traffic infractions in the past as well as other non traffic related offenses and that is in Manatee County alone. In fact Mr. Menendez was recently arrested in Sarasota County for DUI. Hmmmm sounds to me as if he isn't such a law abiding citizen. All Ofc. Anderson was trying to accomplish was to have Mr. Menendez move his vehicle which was creating a traffic hazard and according to the reports he was refusing to comply.

    In any event, Officer Anderson admitted she was wrong by using inappropriate language during the incident. According to Mr. Krohn other officers in the agency have used inappropriate language during interactions with citizens and received only letter of reprimands or just a slap on the wrist. Something just seems fishy about this situation and hopefully Mr. Krohn was able to get to the bottom of it. Just some thoughts people.
  • Rita Andrews
    Wed 23rd Dec 2009
    at 8:06am
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