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  • The economy is dragging its feet, hotels are slow and we are being taxed to death-how will we attract more people here who have ALREADY been here? New buildings will not attract tourists who have already been here
  • Judy Hummer
    Sun 1st Nov 2009
    at 1:11pm
  • 2.
  • Go for LBK Club, it is a great idea to enhance the overall life of LBK. Fully support the clubs project. Get out of the way and the let the work begin.
  • jack brown
    Thu 22nd Oct 2009
    at 2:42pm
  • 3.
  • When will reality get a grip on some folks who should understand the party is over. Golf courses are one of the most natural resource draining, water/pesticide/herbicide consuming uses of land possible. Most boomers I know, who will be the ones buying/using this property in the future wouldn't mind if you'd turn it into some soft trail-like surfaces for runner/walkers/bikers. And get rid of the cancer causing chemicals needed to keep those acres unnaturally green and lush when watering is such an issue.
  • ellen j
    Thu 22nd Oct 2009
    at 11:05am
  • 4.
  • Let's focus on the merits of re-developing islandside. Re-development increases the tax base which lubricates the wheels local government which provides basic and essential services for all community members. Re-developing the golf course will increase water quality in Sarasota Bay. That alone is worth the price of admission. Interest in Longboat key resulting from increased visitation will buttress property values. Visitors who then become residents will add vibrancy to island social living which will benefit places of worship and other non profit activities on Longboat key. And the downside to all of this? Perhaps one or two people reach the red light at the end of the island before you do. In a complex world of difficult decisions to make this one is a no brainer. Support the Club!

    Captain Wayne Genthner
    Wolfmouth Charters
  • wayne genthner
    Thu 22nd Oct 2009
    at 10:35am
  • 5.
  • This project is a must for the island.. be short sighted and only thinking about ones personal adgenda will have a hugh effect on business and property values.. let them proceed with there plans..do not make the mistake that many other towns have by not promoting tourism and business.. without it all will suffer in the long run. Bruce... winter/owner on LBK
  • Bruce Erickson
    Thu 22nd Oct 2009
    at 9:58am
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