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  • 1.
  • Watch them use this rate.
  • robert sewell
    Tue 20th Jul 2010
    at 5:32pm
  • 2.
  • Reduce the millage rate to below last year's rate. The oil issue is a non event and we have the reserves to cover any temporary damage should it ever happen. In any case, BP has pledged to reimburse any damages incurred. The millage increase is no skin off St. Denis' back since he doesn't live on Longboat Key. In his mind, why not pad the reserves--it's a safety valve for him as town manager. But it's a tax on residents. Here's my proposition: let those town employees who work at town hall, especially the unionized police and firemen, relinquish a portion of their salaries and pension plans to enhance the reserves in order to help the town and give something back to the town that has given them an inordinately generous pay and benefits package over the years. Either that or the town cuts back on employment and most certainly union benefits. Unionization is nothing other than legalized price fixing that would be a felony in private business. Hold the unions accountable. If those employees quit, there are gobs more people willing to take their places. Let the free market reign for goods, services and employment.
  • Milan Adrian
    Thu 15th Jul 2010
    at 8:32pm
  • 3.
  • We elected them, Tax and spend Democrats. The TOWN has 5 million in reserves why not cut the monies we give to the good for nothing Coastal Planing and Engineering consultants and keep the millage more or less where it has been.
  • George McFarland
    Wed 14th Jul 2010
    at 7:36am
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