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  • Mr/MS/MRS anonymous 6.14.2101@6:16pm. Do you live on this planet and/or "Dysfunction Junction" (AKA Longboat KEY)? To EVEN extend ANY type of gratitude to the Commissioners IS JUST BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION! Since when did Perrson suddenly turn into a "Land Use" Attorney, let alone craft a proposal the "evening before, unless maybe there was some "coaching" from IPOC.

    This is nothing more than a BP deal where the PRIVATE landowners will pay for in the forseeable future.

    The Florida State Attorney General really needs to take a look at the "local" politics here.
  • William Kary
    Tue 15th Jun 2010
    at 11:31am
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  • The $4 million "contribution" is nothing other than extortion. Is this the fee for a new community center that Phil Younger wanted to extort from the Club? To have the town attorney craft a new plan the night before is a joke. What authority and credentials does he have to craft any architectural plans? What a bunch of jerks.
    Loeb partners will abandon this huge economic infusion and invest elsewhere. After more than two years, this is the best that the town could come up with? A joke. Loeb will sue and I hope they take the town to the cleaners.
    And I supported Younger during his candidacy. What an ass I was.
  • Milan Adrian
    Mon 14th Jun 2010
    at 10:40pm
  • 3.
  • This decision is a joke.
  • Milan Adrian
    Mon 14th Jun 2010
    at 10:27pm
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  • the helmet rental! that is great! exactly! I already commented on the "significant issues". But i agree.....the guard gate issue is easibly resolved......and you can forget from every traffic, safety,golf,planner..artchitect....that a sidewalk there is not an option.

    Bill, it's not extortion..........it's politics......
  • anonymous anonymous
    Mon 14th Jun 2010
    at 7:02pm
  • 5.
  • "A contribution of $4 million by the club for the loss of town recreation and open space that would be eliminated". What DOES this have to do with anything? HELLO, Commissioners and David Perrson, does the concept of "PRIVATE" property hold any value here? "Extortion" is NOT a comprise!!

    "Building a sidewalk adjacent to Gulf of Mexico Drive alongside the Islandside golf course". Where will the Club locate the helmet rental facility? Since this is a Town dictate, the Town should accept responsibilty for any injuries resulting in this demand.

  • William Kary
    Mon 14th Jun 2010
    at 6:42pm
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  • YES! NEW DEVELOPMENT ON LBK! Great job by commissioners allowing Loeb to invest!
    Approved - New golf course.....New wellness center.....5-star hotel with condominiums........luxury villas......meeting center......golf practice area.......pools......tennis courts....Allowing LBKC to build additional condominiums on the south parcel....

    So they lose 40ish condominiums on the north parcel.........Could that be lost sales of $40-$45M at most? So what?? They can build 1 building on the south parcel which i am sure would cost less than building 2 golf course condominiums at a loss of $40-$45M...My construction cost analysis may not be accurate, but you get my point.

    So the $400M project is now $350M......Sounds pretty good to me...take the deal.....

    Except negiotiate the $4M payment to the Town......Maybe $3M over 7 years ($35,714 per month). that's not even the cost of a membership!

    Start renovating the golf course now!!!!!!!
  • anonymous anonymous
    Mon 14th Jun 2010
    at 6:16pm
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