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  • The majority of people on LBK, let me say it again, the majority of people on LBK, are in favor of The Club renovations and are excited about what this will offer to the future of the island. We are looking down the road unselfishly with the understanding of building a brighter future for the next generation as that is where the reality lies. For those of you who have the attitutde of "It's all about me", and are merely concerned about what's happening right now today, need to understand that The Club enhancement isn't all just about money. What you're missing is it's about leaving a place better than when you found it. What are you giving back to LBK? As you enjoy your present condo behind the gates at Islandside, what are you doing to enhance the area? A nicely decorated condo, fancy shoes, a pretty dress and an expensive car is not giving back. Having the attitude that your individual tax dollars are giving back to the island is certainly not a giving attitude. Taxes are mandatory. The Club offers so much more than just the monies it will generate!!! It's a lifestyle for our future. I challenge you to step out of your box of thinking, look around and ask your self what you are doing to make this place better than when you found it? Really.
  • Marsha Crawford
    Fri 11th Jun 2010
    at 11:38am
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  • 'Spoll noted that the club should recognize the risk of having its project denied if no modifications are made.

    But Welly countered the mayor by saying: “And you recognize the risk (of) turning us down.”'

    By now everyone knows that the Key Club is in reality a minor player in the town’s finances. The Key Club pays less that forty thousand dollars in ad valorem taxes a year while the property owners at Island Side pay thirty to forty times more taxes.

    Imagine a board of directors meeting (commission hearings). At one end of the table sits the KC with 40 shares of equity. At the other end sits IPOC with 1400 shares of equity. Who should the directors listen to? It is clear that in this case the tail is wagging the dog.

    When the Key Club threatens the commission (see above), who should the commissioners listen to?

    Please note that the town has a less than enviable track record involving land use litigation.

    Gene Jaleski
  • gene jaleski
    Fri 11th Jun 2010
    at 7:12am
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