BY THE NUMBERS: Town Employee Salaries


BY THE NUMBERS: Town Employee Salaries


Date: February 23, 2011
by: Kurt Schultheis | City Editor


The following is a breakdown of director salaries and total department salaries:

Click here to view a breakdown of town employee salaries by department in PDF format.


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  • another example of goverment pay being higher then the private sector when you take into consideration the scope of the positions/ responsibilities they hold.
  • Bruce Erickson
    Thu 24th Feb 2011
    at 1:34pm
  • 2.
  • I think it is very important to understand the real breakdown of the firefighters salary that many may not be aware of. Unlike most jobs where working 40 hours a week your firefighters work a 56 hour work week. Because of Federal Gov regulations firefighters get paid their hourly rate until they reach 52 hours. Then they are only paid "Half Time" due to FLSA regulations until they reach 56 Hours.

    Many might say wow those firefighters make a lot of money but lets look at the big picture. To make it easy pick $25 dollars an hour X 52 hours = 1300, Next add the 4 hours of half time 12.5 X 4 = $50. Now take the 1350 x 2 because a pay cycle is 120 hours (56 hours x 2 weeks) = 2700 x 26 pay periods you get $70,200.

    Seems like a lot of money for a public employee but lets take the same $25 X 40 (Hours) = 1000 X 2 (2 weeks) = 2000 x 26 (Pay periods) = 52,000
    So if a firefighter had the chance to work a 40 hour work week like everyone else we would be around $52,000.

    They say the national average is around 50,000 for the private employee, when you understand the facts and put a firefighter on the same 40 hour work week you get 52,000 right around the national average. At least the private employee makes overtime over 40 hours.

    So take a private employee at $25 working $56 hours a week. 40 Hours X 25 = 1000 X 2 weeks = 2000 + $37.5 for the additional 16 hours a week = 600 X 2 weeks = 1200. Add that up and you get 3200 X 26 pay periods = 83,200 a year.

    Your Longboat key Government has done a great job and is saving tax payers about $13,000 per public employee vs. a private employee. $13,000 X 33 Employees = $429,000 saved.
  • Rocky Parker
    Wed 23rd Feb 2011
    at 8:44pm
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