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  • I believe the pipes and platforms that could restrict our limited source of proper sand for beach renourishment is more concerning than adding to the sate revenues. Also if huricanes break off the platforms, the well does not leak but the pipes fillied with oil do as was the case with Katrina. Oil on the beaches would make red tide seem like paradise.
  • scott hase
    Fri 5th Feb 2010
    at 8:51am
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  • Dr. Frost is far from being an idiot. He knows that we have to drill in our own yards if we are ever to be less dependent on foreign resources. The rigs would not be seeable from our shores. Anyone who thinks they will knows little or nothing about offshore drilling.
  • margie digiovanni
    Thu 4th Feb 2010
    at 5:25pm
  • 3.
  • Great artice and hats off to Dr Frost nice to see someone with comman sense. Not found with most of the 'part time resident owners here

    Longboat will always be a nice island, however it comes at a cost
    The island is built out its time to renourish and rebuild and get rid of nay sayers. They seem to be against everything related to progress.

    However they all whine & complain and drive 15 miles off ilsand to buy cheap gas.
    They want it Cheap, but can't see the flowers for the trees.

    Drilling in the Gulf won't even be seen here.
    Most are half blind anyway --Just watch then drive down GMD
  • Bob Maier
    Thu 4th Feb 2010
    at 3:27pm
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  • I would be willing to bet that most if not all of the people that are against offshore drilling are in favor of reducing our dependency on foreign oil.

    The problem is that when it comes to making the sacrifices necessary to achieve that goal we always seem to want “the other guy” (e.g. Galveston) to pay the price.
  • Neil Marcuson
    Thu 4th Feb 2010
    at 8:11am
  • 5.
  • Dr. Frost is an idiot, if he wants to look at oil wells, let him move
    to Galveston.
  • Ben Donnelly
    Wed 3rd Feb 2010
    at 5:35pm
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