Cops Corner: Longboat Key


Cops Corner: Longboat Key


Date: November 6, 2013
by: Observer Staff


Oct. 26
First aid
11:15 a.m. — 4200 block of GMD. Rescue. A woman fell off her bicycle while riding on the sidewalk and hit a pole. The woman said she was OK, but sore. Police helped her back to her hotel unit. Her husband planned to take her to a hospital.

Oct. 27
Don’t turn out the lights

6:57 a.m. — 2300 block of GMD. Welfare Check. A condo resident noticed that a unit nearby had its lights and TV on for three days. The resident inside said he was fine.

Trash talk
8:11 a.m. — 500 block of Channel Lane. Code Enforcement. A woman complained that a neighboring property wasn’t putting its trash into a trash bin. Rodents had apparently entered several bags of trash. Police told her they would contact the property manager.

Hot air
9:28 a.m. — 5300 block of GMD. Larceny. After police confronted a woman about stealing a balloon at the Centre Shops Family Festival, the woman said the balloons were obstructing the sidewalk. She said she had gotten tangled in the balloon and had broken the ribbon. She told police she is 71 and doesn’t care if she has to go to court. The organizer of the event did not want to prosecute.

Oct. 28
What’s the wheel deal?
11:31 a.m. — 4700 block of GMD. Suspicious Person. A man gave $800 for a scooter to an unknown man in a hotel elevator who then disappeared and didn’t give the man the scooter. Police pulled over the van the man was riding in after a hotel employee reported him for trespassing. Police arrested the driver after discovering his license was suspended. The driver said his friend was not angry about losing $800 and denied that anything illegal was going on, but admitted the incident was strange.

Oct. 30
Energetic traveler
1:31 p.m. — 3100 block of GMD. Suspicious Vehicle. A woman who was driving erratically said she had been up all night working and was feeling jumpy because she drank three energy beverages. The woman’s cousin drove her home.



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  • 1.
  • (I am also sending this to the "Letters to the Editor" column)

    Regarding "Hot Air" reported in the Cops Corner column of The Longboat Observer dated

    November 7, 2013.

    We read and enjoy the paper and the Cops Corner column is nothing, if not entertaining, at times. How fortunate we consider ourselves to reside on Longboat Key.

    I am disappointed that this incident was not fully reported and I would like to set the record straight.

    The balloons in front of the Centre Shops were tied loosely on very long ribbons. As I approached on my bicycle, the breeze blew several of the balloons clear across the sidewalk. The ribbon and balloon blew across my neck and face. As the report (correctly) stated, I am 71 years old and endeavor to err on the side of caution when riding my bicycle. I applied the brake and stopped as the balloon was completely blocking my vision and the ribbon was wrapped around my neck. Fortunately, I did not fall or run into something or someone.

    I collected myself, wrapped the ribbon around my handlebars, and proceeded to ride through the shops looking for someone in charge. No one appeared and the vendor that I asked simply stated that he didn't know the name of the person in charge.
    I left the Centre Shops with the balloon tied to my handlebars and proceeded to finish my ride.

    As they say, the rest is history...or someone's version of history. Two of Longboat's "finest" police officers stopped and questioned me. I explained exactly what had happened and that I had entered the Centre Shops to warn someone of the danger of the balloons. The officer responded that he would have to go back and check before he could comment on the hazard. I encouraged him to do so and gave him the balloon. I clearly communicated that the balloons were a hazard blowing all the way across the sidewalk. He advised me that it was a "civil matter."

    We parted ways and I returned immediately to the Centre Shops to take pictures (which I have) of the balloons blowing across the sidewalk right of way. I also spoke with the "organizer of the event" as she quickly attempted to retie the balloons. Clearly, the officers saw the reality of the situation and requested that she do so.

    I regret that the report that was published did not include the pertinent facts in respect to why I had the balloon. The ribbon broke as it wrapped around my neck.

    Friends and family here now refer to this as the "Balloon Caper."

    As one of our television icons portraying a police officer for many years stated, "Just the facts."

    Vicki Anderson
    Longboat Key
  • Vicki Anderson
    Wed 6th Nov 2013
    at 4:13pm
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