Animal sanctuary seeks help, funds for new venture


Animal sanctuary seeks help, funds for new venture


Date: July 28, 2010
by: Pam Eubanks | News Editor


MANATEE COUNTY — East County animal rescue Napier’s Log Cabin Horse & Animal Sanctuary may have found a permanent place for its rescued horses, but the organization now is struggling to get that home ready for operation.

After the group learned several weeks ago it was losing its lease at Bowman Ranch off Verna Road, it has been able to purchase a 16-acre parcel in Myakka.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the cost for getting water and electric turned on,” said Alan Napier, who runs the not-for-profit with his wife, Sheree, and their children. “It’s over $2,000 to get the electric turned on and $6,000 to get a well in. Right now, I’m taking 55-gallon drums over to give water to the horses. There’s no way I could haul that much water on a daily basis.”

The Napiers are in need of donations to help pay for the project, which is essential for moving all the horses on to the property, Alan Napier said. The family also needs chain-link, privacy and horse fencing, fence posts, roofing materials, feed and other materials.

Currently, the Napiers have taken a few of the horses to the new site, but most remain at Bowman Ranch property in Sarasota, where the animals have been housed since last year and will remain until their new home is in working order. The Bowman Ranch property is shared with Ave Maria Preparatory School, a school dedicated to children with disabilities.

About seven weeks ago, the Napiers learned they will be losing their lease because Ave Maria plans to expand and has secured a long-term lease for the property.

Napier said he must have all the horses off the property by Sept. 1.

“We’re leaving as soon as we can,” he said. “But we can’t move the horses in until we get the well and electric in.”

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Pawtners in Need
In recent months, Napiers Log Cabin Horse & Animal Sanctuary launched the Pawtners in Need” program as a way to help Manatee County’s Humane Society move toward its goal of becoming a no-kill community.
Through the new program, Napiers can save dogs and cats that would be euthanized by matching them with an in-need senior citizen, veteran or child at no cost to the individual receiving the animal.

Cash donations, or gift cards to Walmart and Tractor Supply can be mailed to: Horse & Animal Sanctuary, 20010 S.R. 64 E., Bradenton, FL 34212. You also make a cash donations at any Bank of America in care of the Horse & Animal Sanctuary fundraiser account. Donations are accepted online at

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  • I tried to help this organization by adopting one of the dogs. She is absolutely adorable and I immediately fell in love with her. She is almost a year old, has had no human interraction, is terrified of everything and everyone, and obviously not potty trained. When she was brought to us by Mr. Napier she was filthy and covered in fleas. I wanted to save her because even though she was "rescued", it was obvious that her current living situation was not much better than the puppy mill that she came from. Mr. Napier told us that he has 80 dogs that he is caring for. Obviously, it is impossible to care for 80 dogs at the same time and offer them a decent quality of life. I wanted to give her a home because I wanted her to be happy and healthy. We thought about it over night because we realized that this would be a huge responsibility. It''s different than adopting or buying a puppy who has not had any experiences with the world. The dog that we wanted to adopt from Mr. Napier was mortified of humans and it would have taken a lot of love, patience and time to get her to open up and be happy all of which were prepared to give to her. I was shocked when Mr Napier would not accept my donation of $400.00 for the little girl. I thought that he would be very happy and glad that someone wanted to give her a good home. He wanted $455.00 and was not willing to nagotiate. $400.00 was all that we had since Mr. Napier demands cash for "adoption fee". So we lost her over $55.00. What kind of a rescue operation is this?How can a non-profit organization demand cash? Besides, most adoption fees in the area are between $125.00 and $200.00. I cannot believe that Mr Napier would deny one of his dogs a happy and healthy life over $55.00. How very sad for the little girl and the rest of the animals at Mr Napiers farm that could use the funds that we were willing to provide.
  • Katarina Puric
    Wed 27th Jul 2011
    at 9:43am
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