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  • If the cameras were put in place by the county to collect data which could be used for traffic analysis so they could adjust the timing on the light that would be great. But using them for ticketing when there is no accident will just cause more rear end accidents. Last week I hit the brake at a yellow light because there was a camera and I almost got slammed by a Jeep. Luckily, there wasn't. a car in the turn lane or there would have been 3 wrecked cars. If there wasn't a camera I would have just gone through & maybe nicked the light. I'd be willing to bet that the number of accidents goes way up at intersections with cameras.
  • Jason Masterson
    Wed 19th Jun 2013
    at 12:49am
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  • Too bad it is mostly not for safety, but for REVENUE... I mean, WHEN was the last time you see an actual cop make a traffic stop for running a red light...They can't be bothered, and far too many infractions are just let go and not enforced... Just like the City of Bradenton fails to enforce jaywalking on Manatee and 6th Avenues in downtown... and THAT IS A TRAFFIC HAZARD !!!
  • Walt Gebhardt
    Mon 17th Jun 2013
    at 4:58pm
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  • Walt Gebhardt
    Mon 17th Jun 2013
    at 4:54pm
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