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  • Why should any company receive my tax dollars? Why should my tax dollars be used to support one company & not support a different company. This needs to be another NO vote along with a NO vote on the 1/2 cents specail interest tax bill. Our nation has forgotten the principles it was founded on. I don't know about others but I am tired of my liberties being sold.
  • Concerned Gom
    Thu 13th Jun 2013
    at 7:52pm
  • 2.
  • Bait is used to get the fish to bite. You land it, fillet it and eat it.
    I suggest the EDC, the County Commission and the County Administrator concentrate on the condition of the lake and not the "bait". In a healthy free-market economy, the environment, or the lake, to continue the metaphor, needs to be free of debris and adequately oxygenated to spawn and support healthy growth.

    Elected officials and bureaucrats are notoriously inept at making good business decisions. Short sighted decisions may be good for the moment, but seldom do the public powers who made those decisions ever suffer the long-term unintended consequences of those decisions; that appears to be our job.

    Just say no to picking winners and losers; say yes to improving the environment. An environment that will draw good businesses from other areas and foster the growth of business already here.

  • Jack May
    Thu 13th Jun 2013
    at 8:36am
  • 3.
  • This property tax benefit to new businesses seems unfair to businesses already in our county. Why is the government always trying to pick winners and losers? The county commissioners don't need to be spending their time managing businesses to see if they meet certain critiria to get a property tax relief. Aren't land prices in our county less expensive than other counties? Let's make permits easier and more customer friendly to get. This is where a 6.5% sales tax would be more attractive to a business wanting to move here. VOTE NO on both referendums on June18.
  • sara cohen
    Thu 13th Jun 2013
    at 8:36am
  • 4.
  • I would much rather have the Free Enterprise System determine which businesses win or lose --- NOT the EDC, County Administrator & 7 Commissioners. Why should these 9 people decide which businesses get Taxpayers' money and which don't?
    Is this what Capitalism looks like in the U.S. now? Central Planning by 9 people reminds me of some other Country.
  • Steve Vernon
    Thu 13th Jun 2013
    at 7:47am
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