Voter Guide - Kevin Connelly

KEVIN CONNELLY, No Party Affiliation 
BIRTHPLACE: Elmhurst, N.Y.
AGE: 72
FAMILY: Spouse, Judith
EDUCATION: BBA, marketing, University of Notre Dame
PROFESSIONAL CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Lieutenant colonel, U.S. Army-Retired; combat veteran, Vietnam; U.S. Department of State, foreign service officer; director of Industrial Development Agency, New York; president, Apollo Sunguard Systems Inc., Sarasota.
FUN FACT: Working on captain’s license.



Why do you want to be elected to the Charter Review Board?
To ensure that the charter meets the needs of our citizens.

How would you describe the role and responsibilities of the Charter Review Board?
To ensure sound governance for the efficient functioning of local government to meet the needs of its citizens.

What is your position on whether the board should consist of elected or appointed members? Why elected? Or, why appointed?
It should be an elected board to ensure broad public access with full public input. It minimizes special-interest domination.

What criticisms, if any, do you have of the previous board, and for what changes will you advocate if you are elected?
No criticism.

What makes you a better candidate for the Charter Review Board than your opponent?
My experience draws from government, military and private enterprise. I have seen what works and what does not work.

What is your vision for the Charter Review Board?
The first issue I would like the board to consider is changing the requirements for Supervisor of Elections from a partisan to a non-partisan position. The office of Supervisor of Elections should be no-party affiliation (NPA).



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