Voter Guide - Donna Barcomb

DONNA BARCOMB, M.S. P.T., Republican
BIRTHPLACE: Rockville Center, N.Y.
AGE: 56
FAMILY: Husband, Craig. Five kids: Gunnar, 25, Steele, 23, Hunter, 18, Stone, 15, and step-daughter Andrea, 32
EDUCATION: B.S. kinesiology, U.C.L.A; M.S. physical therapy, Boston University
PROFESSIONAL CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Licensed physical therapist for 32 years, Sarasota small business owner 22 years — Professional Physical Therapy Center
FUN FACT: I was a solo baton twirler during high school and twirled double fire batons during football games.



Why do you want to be elected to the Charter Review Board?
I have 12 years’ experience as an elected official on the Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System Board and have achieved an accomplished record as a qualified, effective, prepared, responsible, thoughtful, sensible, civil board member and feel that my skill sets will be an asset to the Charter Review Board.

How would you describe the role and responsibilities of the Charter Review Board?
Sarasota’s first Home Rule Charter was adopted in 1971. That included 15 appointed members and was later changed in 1984 to 10 elected members. The Sarasota County Charter establishes a commission/county administrator form of government and allows the county to freely pass laws and ordinances as it sees fit to further its operation within the bounds of state and federal constitutions. The Charter Review Board was formed specifically to review and recommend changes to the county charter on behalf of its citizens, for improvement of the county government. Members should be knowledgeable of the extent of their role, and remain within the confines of such role.

What is your position on whether the board should consist of elected or appointed members? Why elected? Or, why appointed?
Sarasota County is the only charter county in the state of Florida that has an elected charter review board; all others have appointed boards. While one could make a logical argument for either, I believe that the constituents of Sarasota County should have input as to the composition of the board, so my position is an elected board.

What criticisms, if any, do you have of the previous board, and for what changes will you advocate if you are elected?
I have no criticisms and do not bring any specific agenda or amendments to introduce if elected.

What makes you a better candidate for the Charter Review Board than your opponent?
I am unable to compare myself to an opponent that I have only met once and can only commend her willingness to commit her time and talents to such an endeavor.

I believe my formal education and years of leadership experiences have provided me with skill sets to include communicating and working effectively and efficiently with a group. As an elected official and member of the Sarasota County Hospital Board from 1996-2008, and chairman for two terms, I have learned to work and formulate strategies in a civil and thoughtful manner with eight other board members to achieve a focused direction on behalf of the citizens of Sarasota County. I have been a small business owner for more than 20 years in Sarasota, president of the Junior League of Sarasota Inc., PTA president of Southside School, and am a committed and trained volunteer.

In addition to my proven record as a leader and elected official, I have the ability to maintain an open mind, and am committed to civil discourse. If I am elected, I will bring the above skills, a thoughtful, responsible and educated approach, and 100% engagement to all matters brought to the CRB table. I believe in the sanctity of the charter and have a clear understanding of the charter and the defined role of its members. I therefore believe that I am the optimal choice for the Charter Review Board.

What is your vision for the Charter Review Board?
I do not believe that the intended role of the Charter Review Board should be changed or expanded in any way. Although I have always supported public access and engagement, I do not feel that the citizens of Sarasota County need to pay for unnecessary, non-productive expensive meetings just for meetings’ sake.




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