Voter Guide - Bill Galvano

BILL GALVANO, Republican
AGE: 46
FAMILY: Spouse: Julie Anne Forrester, 19 years; three children, ages 16, 13, 8
EDUCATION: Associate’s Degree, Manatee Community College, 1986; Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science, University of Florida, 1989; Juris Doctorate, University of Miami, School of Law, 1992
PROFESSIONAL CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Grimes Goebel Grimes Hawkins Gladfelter & Galvano, P.L., 1984-present. I began with the firm in 1984 as an errand boy and janitor while working my way through school and paying for my education. In 1992, I became an associate attorney. In 1997, I became a partner of the firm. I was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2002. I served four terms. In 2008-2010, I chaired the House Rules and Calendar Council.
FUN FACT: I am named after the late William R. Mote, benefactor of Mote Marine Laboratory.



What is your position on Citizens Property Insurance Co.? What role should the state play in insuring private property?
While presently necessary, Citizens is the wrong approach in the long run. The state should address wind/reinsurance costs for the entire industry in Florida because those issues drive the premium cost in Florida.

What is your position on the state of Florida regulating property insurance rate increases and pricing?
There should be limited state oversight to prevent abuses; however, the rates should ultimately be determined by the market.

Why should the state control property insurance rates when we know that this policy has restricted competition and limited the number of companies willing to sell property insurance here?
Agree, the state should not control the rates, but should have limited oversight.

What is your position on: 1) School choice and school vouchers? 2) teacher tenure — in K-12 and the college level?
I support school choice and vouchers. I do not support teacher tenure.

What, in your view, is the proper role of state government in public education?
The state should fund education as a priority. The state should focus on graduating students, not just college ready, but with skills necessary to be attractive to the workforce.

What is your position on the FCATs?
We must always measure our progress to insure we are accomplishing our education objectives. I do believe that as long as we are measuring achievement, the FCAT does not have to be the only “yardstick.” In addition, the state should make sure the FCAT is measuring skills needed by job creators.

What is your position on the state providing corporate welfare to companies that either expand or move to Florida? How and why are these subsidies morally acceptable?
I do not support government picking winners or losers in business. Instead, I support creating a business friendly environment with fewer taxes and less regulations that all businesses, especially existing Florida businesses, can benefit from.

If elected, will you take the Americans for Tax Reform pledge not to increase taxes? If not, why not?
While I believe in lower taxes for individuals and businesses, I will not sign a pledge that can be misconstrued.

Medicaid costs are increasing at almost double-digit annual rates. How do you think Florida should handle the growth in Medicaid?
I support a cost-controlled, managed-care model for Medicaid.

What will be your top three priorities if elected?
1. Repeal unnecessary government regulation;
2. Cut spending; and
3. Reduce taxes.



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