Voter Guide - Alexandra Coe

ALEXANDRA COE, Libertarian
BIRTHPLACE:  Centerville, Ill.
AGE: 49
FAMILY: recently divorced; two sons: Morgen, 19, and Ryan, 17
EDUCATION: Master’s in cultural sustainability, Goucher College  Graduate Student; Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and botany, New College Honors College of Florida; Elyria Catholic High School (Ohio) —top science student of my graduating class
PROFESSIONAL CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 1996-2001, The Art of Being, woman self-esteem and beauty workshops and summer camp programs for girls; 2000-2004, attended New College; 2006 – present, Gentle Storm Productions; 2009 – present, Livable Planet Consulting
FUN FACT: I raise chickens, goats and turkeys in the middle of Sarasota.





Why do you want to be elected to the Charter Review Board?
To help the people of Sarasota truly have a democratic process through the updating and review of our current charter and by educating people about the charter and the power it gives them to determine how they want to be governed.

How would you describe the role and responsibilities of the Charter Review Board?
To ensure the charter is reflective of the needs and desires of the people and not special interests of people who seek to profit by making changes to the charter that are not in the interest of the people.

What is your position on whether the board should consist of elected or appointed members? Why elected? Or, why appointed?
Always remain elected.

What criticisms, if any, do you have of the previous board, and for what changes will you advocate if you are elected?
No criticisms specifically, I have just heard rumors that motivated me to run for this office in an attempt to preserve the intention of the charter and ensure it serves the people of Sarasota.

What makes you a better candidate for the Charter Review Board than your opponent?
My opponent is not interested in being an activist for the people of Sarasota. She is more interested in keeping the charter as it is. I think many items in the charter are outdated and do not serve the sustainable future of our county and its people.

What is your vision for the Charter Review Board?  
That in the next election, people really know what the Charter Review Board does and how important it is to the quality of the life we all share and envision for Sarasota County.




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