Patron Saints


Maggi Taylor
Venice Theatre

Maggi Taylor has spent her life as a trained actress in professional and community theater, and to Taylor, “Theatre is in my DNA — it sounds kind of corny, but it’s just what I have to do.”

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Peter Salefsky

Peter Salefsky is this week’s Patron Saint for the nonprofit theater company PLATO. PLATO is a new performing-arts group, and, as of now, is looking for a permanent home, so patronage is essential.

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Dennis and Graci McGillicuddy
Florida Studio Theatre

The annual donors have been giving since they met Artistic Director Richard Hopkins at a brunch and really hit it off. They consider him a visionary and support his mission for education, new plays and great theater.

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Joan Armour Mendell
Asolo Repertory Theatre

Joan Armour Mendell thinks arts are important because they enrich people. As a little girl she was taught to give her money and share. “No matter what you have, you have to give a little bit of what you have,” she says.

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                   Mitchell McKnight
Circus Sarasota


After seeing a circus performance many years ago, he was inspired by the magic to get involved in a bigger way. But, it’s the programs that keep him donating every year.

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Anne Folsom Smith
Sarasota Orchestra

Sarasota Orchestra Board of Directors Chairwoman Anne Folsom Smith was an interior designer who joined the board more than 20 years ago because she wanted to get involved with something more than design. 

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Warren and Margot Coville
FSU/Asolo Conservatory

Warren J. and Margot Coville are known for their generosity throughout Sarasota. But it all started 13 years ago when they started contributing to FSU/Asolo Conservatory as board members and student sponsors.

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Susan Roe
Sarasota Players Theatre

Friends directed Susan Roe to The Players as a cure for her daughter Grace’s shy behavior — she couldn’t order at restaurants or make any eye contact. Grace took an acting class there, and now she’s starring in The Player’s Kids and The Players’ productions. 

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Dr. Phillip Nelson
The Glenridge Performing Arts Center

Dr. Phillip Nelson moved to The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch retirement community about a decade ago. The retired OB/GYN had been involved in community theater in his past and was searching for an activity in which to get involved.

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Steve Rubin and Ed Town
Sarasota Ballet

This week’s episode features patrons Ed Town and Steve Rubin. Rubin is a retired professional theater, scene and costume designer who worked for New York City theater groups, Pennsylvania Ballet, Broadway and Off-Broadway productions as well as regional theater groups. 

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Ed Bavaria
Sarasota Opera

Ed Bavaria has loved opera since he was a child listening to his mother sing arias. Bavaria is never a day without opera and says there is no comparison to the Sarasota Opera.

Barvaria was instrumental in the Sarasota Opera renovating its new building.

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Michael and Karen Gardiner
Westcoast Black Theater Troupe

Michael and Karen Gardiner first attended a Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe show four-and-a-half years ago because the Motown theme attracted their attention.

The Gardiner’s sponsored all of the marketing during the renewal of the troupe, and they continue to support it as season sponsors.

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