2012 Voter's guide - candidates


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United States:
1. U.S. House, District 1 

 State Attorney 
2. Florida Senate, District 26 
3. Florida House, District 73 
4. Florida House, District 71 
5. Florida House, District 72 

 Sarasota County Commissioner, District 3 
2. Sarasota Hospital Board Central District, Seat 1 
3. Sarasota Charter Review Board, District 2 
4. Sarasota Charter Review Board, District 5 

1. Manatee Supervisor of Elections 
2. Manatee County Commission, District 5 
3. Manatee County Commission, District 1 
4. Manatee Clerk of Courts 
5. Manatee School Board, District 2 
6. Manatee Fire District, Seat 4  

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Keith Fitzgerald, Dem.


Vern Buchanan, Rep.



Ed Brodsky, Rep.


John Torraco, Dem.




Bill Galvano, Rep.



Paula House, Dem.





Greg Steube, Rep.


Robert McCann, NPA



Jim Boyd, Rep.



Adam Tebrugge, Dem.




Liz Alpert, Dem.



Ray Pilon, Rep.




Jennifer Cohen, Dem.



Christine Robinson, Rep.




Teresa Carafelli, Dem.



Alex Miller, Rep.




Donna Barcomb, Rep.


Alexandra Coe, Lib.



Kevin Connelly, NPA


John Fellin, Rep.




Michael "Mike" Bennett, Rep.



Charles Williams, Dem.





Vanessa Baugh, Rep.



James Golden, Dem.





Larry Bustle, Rep.



Corie Holmes, Dem.





R.B. Chips Shore, Rep.



Annamarie Reithmiller, Write in




Dave 'Watchdog' Miner, NPA



Robert Moates, NPA




James D. Bon Ami



Alison Center







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