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Wednesday Factoid: Hair Affair

Posted August 29, 2012 at 11:00 am

by Danae DeShazer

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No one likes a bad hair day.

It can turn your world upside down, making your totally cute outfit look unpolished. Am I right, or am I right, ladies?

But, don't go out and run to the corner store for the latest & greatest shampoo, conditioner, and haircare products to solve all your style woes. The problem may go much deeper than the beauty product [but, hey, if you're looking for a fun way to discover new beauty products, check out Birchbox. They're, like, awesome.]

Your problem to that dull, lifeless, frizzy mess on top of your head? Your water. Yes, your hard water! Fine enough to drink, but may be sucking the life out of those luscious locks.

Although water hardness is determined by the level of calcium found in the water, there are many other elements in the water that affect the texture, volume, shine, control and health of hair, including iron, copper, magnesium, and lead.

So how do all these added elements affect our hair? Our friends at Aqua Plumbing and Air give us the cold, hard facts.

Calcium leaves the hair feeling dry and weighed down. It can even cause perms to appear relaxed over time. Calcium can also build up on the scalp, giving the appearance of dandruff.

Iron leaves the hair feeling dry and brittle. Iron can also cause dark hair to look darker and blonde hair to appear orange! Ick!

Copper discolors hair, even causing blonde hair to turn green (kind of like chlorine). Copper can also inhibit the proper processing of perms, color and relaxers.

Magnesium takes away your hair's natural shine.

Lead removes the natural oils and moisture of your hair.

Now, this is definitely a bit extreeeeme -- your hair isn't going to begin falling out or anything. It's just something to think about. If you've had bad hair day after bad hair day, you may want to get your water tested! 

We recommend the qualified specialists at Aqua Plumbing and Air. Give 'em a call today at (941) 476-6066. 


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