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Wednesday Factoid: Drink your Way to Healthy Living

Posted August 15, 2012 at 4:00 pm

by Danae DeShazer

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Okay, let's be real.

Who wants healthy, dare I say, glowing skin? Expounding energy and alertness? Cushion for your muscles and joints? And a quick full-body detox?

Well, did you know that the super-secret way to achieve all these things is as simple as drinking more water

Okay, so, not so secret or life-changing. But our friends at Aqua Plumbing & Air suggest that a water purification system is the surest way to health and detox. I mean, wouldn't you want to drink more water if it didn't have all the yucky stuff in it?

Tap water (as is) has chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, mercury, and lead), minerals (sulfates, cadmium, aluminum, copper), and bacteria. This stuff, although it meets federal and state safety standards, is still prone to upsetting your tummy and altering your overall well-being.

I personally use a Brita water filter, but wouldn't it be nice (cue the Beach Boys) if we could turn the knob on the kitchen sink and purified water would just... come out?! Aqua says installing a reverse osmosis water purification system is the best way to go about it (and only costs pennies a day).

Here's how it works:
1. Water passes through a water filter to remove large sediment deposits.
2. Then through a semi-permeable membrane to remove more pollutants.
3. And then, it passes through two more filters before it comes out of your water faucet. 

You can buy a reverse osmosis system at places like Lowes or Home Depot -- but, Aqua Plumbing & Air will do a water inspection and evaluate exactly what you need and install the right system for you. And, you only have to change the filters every 6-12 months.

Sounds good to me! Sign me up for awesome skin, more energy, and detox super-powers. 


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