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Mote's Seahorse Conservation Laboratory raises lined seahorses, as well as pygmy seahorses.
Longboat Key Friday, Jul. 29, 2011 6 years ago

Mote's seahorses shipped all around the U.S.


Mote’s Seahorse Conservation Laboratory has now shipped seahorse to 50 zoos and aquariums around the country. The seahorses are used in educational displays; the latest shipment went to Chicago.

Mote’s Seahorse Conservation Laboratory raises lined seahorses, which are often kept in aquariums, as well as pygmy seahorses, which are used for conservation purposes.

“I’m proud that our lab has been able to do so much for seahorse conservation,” said Shawn Garner, Seahorse Conservation Lab supervisor, in a prepared statement. “It’s also really cool that I’ve been able to check in on my seahorses when I’m traveling in Texas, California and other locations in the U.S.”

Mote visitors can visit the Seahorse Conservation Lab at Mote Aquarium, and they can also sign up for behind-the-scenes tours with Garner. Tours are offered on most Thursdays.

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