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Brothers Alec and Max Hall
Siesta Key Wednesday, Jun. 13, 2012 5 years ago

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, here I am at camp: SUPER SCIENCE CAMP (VIDEO)

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

(Scroll down for a video of the camp and a quick Q&A with Alec and Max Hall.)

It’s Tuesday, June 12: Day two of Out-Of-Door Academy’s Super Science Summer Camp with marine science teacher Lisa Cheney. The kids are outside beneath the Siesta campus’ new pavilion and gearing up to measure how far they can catapult clay and shoot marshmallows from marshmallow guns.

Although catapulting proves to be interesting, the campers can hardly contain themselves when their teacher pulls out the marshmallow guns. Nolan Boucher begins to run circles around the pavilion. Benny De Felice starts chanting, “I need a marshmallow gun!” And several other campers start fidgeting in excitement, a few breaking into what some might refer to as a “marshmallow dance.”

*Editor’s note: The Observer will be spotlighting different summer camps throughout the area all summer long.

We caught up with brothers Alec and Max Hall
after-the-fact to find out just how much fun they had.

Catapulting vs. marshmallows: which is better?
Max: You did a lot more action with the marshmallows — and you can eat your ammo!

Have you ever shot a marshmallow gun before?
Alec: No.
Max. No.

Was it fun?
In unison: AWESOME!

How many marshmallows were in your gun?
Alec: 22.
Max: Yeah, 22. We counted.

Was it a contest? Who won?
Alec: All.
Max: Everybody.

How far did your marshmallows shoot?
Max: Three feet?
Alec: Seven feet.
Max: Yeah, seven feet.

What is the difference between catapulting and shooting?
Max: With the catapults, you have to pull the thing back to launch the ammo. Well, it’s kind of the same because with the marshmallow gun, you have to pull the handle back and pull it forward to make it shoot.

Any final words?
In unison: Nobody was injured! 


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