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Sarasota Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 6 years ago

Donor Spotlight: Adam Tebrugge

by: Maria Amodio Editor

Each week, The Sarasota Observer will feature a different donor who is involved with Season of Sharing, a 10-year, community-wide fundraising partnership created by the Community Foundation. Donations to the Season of Sharing fund may be made by check or credit card, payable to the Community Foundation of Sarasota, or online at For information, call 955-3000.

Adam Tebrugge’s birthday wish list was small this year, so the 49-year-old attorney decided that instead of asking for gifts, he would ask his friends and family to make a donation to Season of Sharing.

An active Facebook user and a consistent donor to Season of Sharing, Tebrugge saw the social networking site as the perfect tool to get the word out about his birthday wish. Tebrugge used Facebook’s “Causes” application to request donations, and by the time his Dec. 7 birthday came, he had raised $369.

“I’ve lived a privileged life, so what I’m primarily interested in is helping this community,” says Tebrugge. “I would far rather see other people get help than get a new CD or book myself.”

Tebrugge, who has served on the board of the Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness for the past five years and has served as the organization’s chairman for the past year, says he felt a special connection to this year’s Season of Sharing campaign focus on ending homelessness.

“One great thing about Season of Sharing is the focus on local providers and that they give direct benefit to those providers,” says Tebrugge.

Inspired by the $250,000 matching grant made this year by the Patterson Foundation to Season of Sharing, Tebrugge decided to donate the last $131, bringing the grand total from his Facebook campaign to $500.

Even though his birthday has passed, Tebrugge continues to raise money through his Facebook page. He recently received a check in the mail from his mother, made out to Season of Sharing, bringing the grand total up to $549.

To make a donation to Tebrugge’s Season of Sharing campaign, visit

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