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East County Tuesday, Apr. 27, 2010 7 years ago

Community Golf Scores 04.08.10 to 04.24.10

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

+Lakewood Ranch

Richard Beckerman used his 7-iron to record his first-ever ace April 8 on the 120-yard No. 7 of King’s Dunes.

Steve Parker used his 7-iron to record an ace April 14 on the 175-yard No. 13 of Cypress Links.

Honey Chesner and Denise McQuillen shot 59 to win the 3’s on 5’s WGA event April 13 on King’s Dunes.

Herm Hipson, John Digirolamo, Bill Morgan and Bill Gardner shot 155 to win the two best balls front, three best balls back Men’s event April 14 on King’s Dunes.

+Palm Aire

Joyce Parney scored 38 to win Flight 1 of the individual quota points event April 21. Rose Brenner scored 38 to win Flight 2.

Bill Probst, Sheldon Damrow and Gordon Catlow scored 120 to win Flight 1 of the two best balls of four member/member-member/guest MGA event April 21. Bob Fleder, John Yoakum, Bill Burgett and Ed Yates scored 118 to win Flight 2. Harvey Stulmaker, Choc Silverstein, Bir Prasad and Leonard Goodman scored 120 to win Flight 3.

Kevin Abrams, Robert Dierken, Larry Blackburn and John Costello scored 160 to win the three odd, two even MGA buddy tournament April 24. Todd Hallinger, John Brown, Louis Frank and Marvin Pearlman scored 158 to win Flight 2. Chet Adams, Charlie Bickford, Gordon Catlow and Jerry Santo scored 159 to win Flight 3.

+River Club

Peggy Kunkle used her 7-iron to record an ace April 10 on the 112-yard No. 2 of the River Club golf course.

Greg Reasoner used his 5-iron to record an ace April 11 on the 179-yard No. 12 of the River Club golf course.

Jan Doede finished +9 to win the quota points LGA event April 13.

Tom Moran and Ed Hechler finished +18 to win the two-man quota points event April 14. Steve Gilchrist and Ed O’Connor finished +16 for second place.

Yvonne Raine shot 36 to win the net stableford LGA event April 17. Sherry Sorbie, PJ McCaleb and Liz Bostrom all shot 34 to tie for second place.


Gale Keteham, Cee Woeltje, Deb Kehoe and Janet Weisbord scored 100 to win the shamble two best balls of four net LGA event April 15.

Mary Moore scored 21 to win the tee to green nine-hole event April 20.


Debbie Benton, Nancy Stanz, Teri Byrd and Mary Klosterman shot 86 to win the team two best balls front, one best ball back WGA event April 13.

The teams of Bob Tweedie, Bill Waters and Bill Hager and Tom Kunzman, Rick Geren and Randy Musser each shot 89 to tie for first place in the 1-2-1 on 3-4-5 MGA event April 19.

+University Park

John Bondur used his 3-iron to record an ace April 10 on the 187-yard No. 11 of University Park Country Club.

Bill Collins, John Wagner, Jerry Greenblatt and Bob Lavery scored 197 to win holes 1-18 of the three best balls of four MGA event April 14. Martin Graaf, Jim Nellis, Dick Girvin and Joe Brazzamano scored 200 to win holes 10-27.

The Lemons scored 28.5 to win the team match play Citrus Bowl event April 13.

Elaine Lavery, Jean Crouch, Theresa Wride and Linda Jones scored 129 to win holes 1-10 of the 6-6-6 LGA event April 20. The teams of Vicki Kolarik, Pat Brennan, Barbara Lincoln and Joan Hardwick and Sue Hughes, Mary Lou Snider, Elke Perten and Ginny Camp each scored 131 to tie for first places for holes 10-19.


Domenick Paturo scored 83 to win the gross portion of Flight 1 of the individual low gross/net flighted Men’s Day event April 14. Thomas Conrad scored 68 to win the net portion. John Brocki scored 88 to win the gross portion of Flight 2 while Rudi Floyd scored 67 to win the net portion. In Flight 3, Herb Krasow scored 99 to win the gross portion while John Harrison scored 74 to win the net portion. 


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