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Stu Rothbaum with his OSU Buckeyes golf bag.
Longboat Key Wednesday, Jun. 1, 2011 6 years ago


by: Rachel S. OHara Staff Photographer

Stu Rothbaum is originally from Cincinnati and traveled all over the world while working for Procter & Gamble for 32 years. When Rothbaum began planning for retirement 13 years ago, he took up golf. Even though he says he is at a bit of a disadvantage because he started later in life, Rothbaum has caught up quickly and even scored his first hole-in-one in April on Blue No. 7 at the Longboat Key Club.


What is the best part of your game and what are you improving?
My short game is OK, that’s where I make my points, and I’m getting better and better at driving. I’ve finally conceded that I may be a senior. I’ve been using more senior clubs, and I’ve seen the results improve dramatically. I’m trying to improve my chipping when I’m about 10 yards off the green and learning how to put the ball real close using my wedges rather than other clubs.  

What is your go-to club?
My go-to club is my 7-wood. That’s the club I use to position the ball so that I can get on the green on the next shot.

Whom do you admire in professional golf?
I admire Phil Mickelson for his golf game and for what he does outside of golf. I also enjoy watching Tiger Woods play when he plays well.

What is one of the most interesting courses on which you have played?
The most interesting course I’ve played is in Hawaii, and it’s called Kapalua Bay. It’s beautiful, and it’s by the water. At one of the par-3 holes, you hit right over the breaking waves. It’s very, very lovely. In fact, at that golf course, the rangers come over and ask you if you’re having a good time rather than trying to speed you up. 

What do you like most about the game of golf?

I like golf for a couple of reasons. It gets me outdoors for four or five hours. It’s got a social aspect to it, and I enjoy playing with other people. You have to be well coordinated to hit the ball well. I enjoy all kinds of athletics, and it brings them all together for me. I work out intensely with a trainer the other three days a week I don’t play golf, and we work on flexibility and building the right muscles for the golf game.

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